Drinks Importer & Distributor of Exclusive Drinks (Mallorca – Ibiza – Catalonia)

26 oktober 2023

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€ 350.000,-

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€ 25.000,-


Consumentengoederen, Food, Horeca, Logistiek



This drinks company specializes in the sourcing, importation and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to the Balearic Islands and Spain mainland.

We bring to the market exclusive brands that excite, inspire and are distinctive from the rest. New, award-winning brands are carefully selected by our team taking into account our customer’s needs and desires with an eye on increasing market trends.

The pitch deck is available or check out the highly suggested animated version, which are available on request.

(Dutch owner / Nederlandse ondernemer)

Business model:

This company distributes exclusive drinks to bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels. At the moment our webshop is in development so we can also sell direct to the Spanish consumer market.

Our base is in Mallorca & Ibiza and recently we expanded to Catalonia. Our goal is to copy this model and expand it to other and new regions in the coming years. We are interested in regions like Madrid, Alicante and Marbella for example.

Depending on volumes and contracts our gross margins on the procuts are between 20 – 40%. We should be able to reach a net profit margin between 15 – 20% in the coming years.

The market:

945,000 inhabitants
Out of the 676 hotel establishments that operated in Mallorca, more than 470 had a rating of four stars
Tourists per year; 16.5 million tourists

160,000 inhabitants
Around 450 hotels
Tourists per year; 2.9 million tourists (high-value tourists)

7,9 million inhabitants
Over 8,000 hotels in Catalunya
Tourists per year; 19 million tourists


As Spain is in general quite conservative and most of the times a few years later in development compared to other countries in Europe we introduce new type of drinks and brands to the market. These drinks have proven themselves in other regions which makes it interesting for our clients as the big majority of our clients work with international guests who enjoying their holidays in Spain.

Besides our interesting portfolio our work method is more “North/West European” which makes us stand out in communication, service, handling and helping our clients with challenges they have. Also a big part of our clients that have here in Spain businesses in hospitality are people from various European countries that can identify our method and level of quality as they are used to that back “home”.

We always select drinks/products that can help our customers. We are looking at trends, developments and quality. We listen to our clients and ask them what kind of products they would like to add or which problems they face in their daily routine. For example; quality skilled bartenders in quite a problem at the moment. Solution is that we offer various products which don’t need trained bartenders but can be served with just adding ice or straight from a tap system.

With the requested investment we can invest in personnel, marketing, warehousing and stock + machines.


  • Legal certificates – € 10,000.00
  • Personnel – € 60,000.00
  • Repay loans – € 60,000.00
  • Stock & machines – € 100,000.00
  • Warehousing & Transportation – € 35,000.00
  • Marketing – € 30,000.00
  • Running costs – € 55,000.00

Ervaring founder(s):

5 years ago, Oane (39) and his girlfriend, left the Netherlands to take on a new challengein Mallorca. With almost 20 years of experience in sales, Oane started the company about 3 yearsago. Without any contacts and with a combination of hard work and determination, we have created a company that within 2 years is now supplying drinks to some of the most well-known venues in the Balearics!

The latest success is the closing of the agreement between Lyre’s brand and arguably the Worlds Number One DJ “David Guetta”. This links our brand directly with the largest hospitality groups and clubs in Ibiza, as the exclusive distributor of the brand. Now that the brand has established
itself, the time has come to properly structure the company and free up the budget to make the right sales, marketing and distribution investments.
These investments will ensure that the brand can conclude deals with larger accounts such as hotel groups, with 10, 20 or 30+ hotels. Such arrangements will ensure an enormous increase in turnover and growth for our brand.

2021: € 54.000 (covid)
2022: € 152.000 (1st full year)
2023: € 250.000 – € 300.000

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Animated pitch deck available below.

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Consumentengoederen, Food, Horeca, Logistiek



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Angel Investor, Venture Capital

Benodigd kapitaal:

€ 350.000,-

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€ 25.000,-

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