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15 november 2023

Developer and operator of small-scale fully sustainable 5 star luxury multi-purpose vacation parks in selected nature reserves in Southern Europe (wooden self-designed prefabricated cottages from Lithuania, glamping and a limited number of sites for campers and tents including small-scale catering, small retail and special sport bicycle rental and of fishing gear). Objective is to expand the concept to other locations in the near future.

Business Model:

The business model is based that before and during the investment phase the cottages are sold to private investors turnkey with furnishings with the right to their own free use by owners for 5 weeks per year at their discretion. The park derives its income from a commission (25%) on the rental of the cottages and a commission on the sale of the property. Connecting income is generated from the rental of glamping tents and free pitches for campers and tents, the rental of catering facilities, small retail and rental of bicycles and other rental and services.

Type klant:

B2B & B2C


High quality, luxury, small scale, fully sustainable and green in terms of overall development and operation. Lots of privacy due to spacious layout with large lots. Located in quiet natural surroundings at some distance from population concentrations and busy noisy polluted vacation areas. Offer extremely suitable for active nature lovers, culture, peace seekers (relax) especially middle-aged and 50 plus with a relatively large disposable income and plenty of free time spread throughout the year, especially outside the typical vacation high season.

Gewenst type Co-founder / Partner:

Marketing, Commercieel, Financial, Overige

Verwachtingen van een nieuwe co-founder/partner:

The co-founder/partner is interested in joining the management team as an advisor/consultant on relevant issues during park development and operation on a profit sharing and/or dividend payment basis. He/she is interested in participating in the anticipated future growth of the number of parks especially with a view to expanding the importance of the real estate portfolio and future returns.




Bouw & Installatie, Horeca, Marketing, Travel, Vastgoed


Seed, Early Growth

Aantal huidige founders:


Aantal huidige werknemers:


Overige relevante informatie:

Initiators (4) have an income as a self-employed person. This made it possible to bear pre-investments and development costs, including ample time taken to research, practically test and make concrete relevant facets of eco park development (the integral product concept). The park design, operation, and derived market positioning are the result of the preliminary market research as well as the forecast of the financial feasibility (3 years) including consideration of investment risks and inclusion of alternative contingency plans during park development and operation.

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