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9 juni 2023

Capital required

€ 550.000,-

Monthly turnover

€ 20.000,-

Minimal ticketsize

€ 50.000,-


B2B-Software, B2C-Software, E-Commerce, Food, Horeca, ICT, Leisure, Marketing, Media,-Reclame-en-Communicatie, Platform, SaaS

Award-winning hospitality tech platform, bringing together consumers, venues, brands and events. Our app helps people to find, enjoy and share the best hospitality experiences. Our business platform helps hospitality businesses to attract, bond with and understand consumers. We bring a huge and fragmented industry together in an effective way, bringing value to all stakeholders, including governments. So far we have only been operationally active in South Holland, but we are now preparing to launch national campaigns in August 2023.

Revenue development over time:

  • 2019-2022: €150.000
  • 2023 to date (end May): €150.000
  • 2023 projected (end December): €400.000
  • 2024 projected (end December): €3.500.000

We are also exploring market entry into Belgium and the UK. Our ambitions are to become a leading European player before end of 2025, and a leading global player by end of 2027.

Business model:

Our business models are B2B SaaS:

  • Venues (bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes etc.) pay a monthly or yearly fee to access our Business Platform
    • Light (€0/month), Pro (€69/month), Expert (€199/month)
  • Brands can sponsor a batch of venues, in exchange for those sponsored venues to push and promote their brands products through our app.
    • Bronze (€80.000/year for 100 venues), Silver (€175.000/year), Gold (€300.000/year)

Before the end of 2023, we will also allow for event organizers to pay to access our Business Platform (similar packages as for the venues), and we will also integrate a “Marketplace” within our Business Platform, where our clients (venues, brands and events) can see and buy 3rd party products/services/experiences. These 3rd parties will of course pay to be in our hospitality marketplace.

Thereafter, we do have plans to monetize our app through advertisement, but to do so in a way that does not harm the user experience.


  • We combine many functionalities into 1 platform, that otherwise require 4+ separate systems. On top, we specialize in hospitality, which those other single-use solutions do not
  • We have our own token (not a crypto, more like a loyalty system), which stimulates user and client contribution to our ecosystem, without costing us anything in exchange for their contributions
  • We have a relevant, experienced and ambitious core team and angel investors
  • Our new market entry plans are not cost-intensive, meaning we will be able to scale quickly and cheaply, while opening up many new markets to drive revenue from

Investment need:

We are raising capital to further accelerate our Dutch market acquisition, and to fund the setup of team & partnership infrastructure in Belgium and the UK. This team and partnership infrastructure will generate pre-launch revenue in those markets. We expect this round will allow us to generate profit, and that (potential) later rounds will be for pure scale, acceleration and new market entry.

Experience founder(s):

Our CEO is a serial entrepreneur with a background in business administration and developing tech solutions.

Our COO is a DJ, event organizer and a former Head of Sales & Marketing.

Together, we cover the core competencies, and we are surrounded by an excellent team bringing further skills and diversity to the team.

Other relevant information:

The founders have personally invested €125.000 cash as starting capital, and we have since raised €400.000 from relevant angel investors

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B2B-Software, B2C-Software, E-Commerce, Food, Horeca, ICT, Leisure, Marketing, Media,-Reclame-en-Communicatie, Platform, SaaS



Country registered:


Number of current employees:


Number of founders:


Desired type of investor(s):

Angel Investor, Strategic-Investor

Capital required:

€ 550.000,-

Committed funding:

€ 150.000,-

Minimal ticketsize:

€ 50.000,-

Monthly turnover:

€ 20.000,-

Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Monthly costs:

€ 30.000,-

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