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3 mei 2020

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VENERA is a high-performance light shaping system that obliterates all existing light modifiers in performance and stability, produces a superior quality of light, and solves the century-long problem in the Industry of Photography. 




  1. A high-performance light shaping system.
  2. 2 functional prototypes. 
  3. Project endorsed by Europe’s biggest Start-Up incubator, B. Amsterdam.
  4. Registered Design Patens in the USA, EM, UK, Japan, Singapore, Ukraine.
  5. Positive feedback.



  “Hi, Karl. If you wanted to shoot outside… the weather is windy… do you have a certain light shaping tool in mind, which could output soft light and wouldn’t get carried away by the wind”.

  “You’re really, I’m afraid Kim, asking for the impossible”. 

Karl Taylor is the world’s leading lighting expert and a global ambassador for Broncolor Lighting.  


With the high demand for versatile outdoor lighting, VENERA is the world’s only light shaping system that perfectly caters to this demand thanks to its proprietary hollow alloy/carbon frame design. The light modifier performs exceptionally well for its size, allowing photographers of all levels to use the studio-quality lighting in windy outdoor conditions with ease.


US Bureau of Labor – 143,000 registered Professional Photographers in the USA (1,800 growth per year) and estimates 3,539,000 Professional Photographers worldwide. 

The total worldwide market to be in the range of 600,000 potential customers (commercial, wedding, fashion, portraiture, and family), with the vast majority easily reachable by marketing efforts. 

The combination of factors such as design, quality of light, outdoor performance, weight, and assembly speed put VENERA in the new category with no competition. 

Competitive Advantages:

* Superior quality of light.    

* VENERA is two times cheaper than the professional umbrellas.

* At least two times lighter than the professional umbrellas.

* Unparalleled level of modifications.  


*  Two fully functional prototypes have been extensively tested and have shown remarkable results. The build quality and light characteristic of the production prototypes will be improved even further.  

*  Website with photo, video materials, and image quality results.

*  Issued Patents.

*  Completed 3D CAD files of all alloy and stainless steel components for the Production Prototype. The parts are ready to be manufactured.


VENERA has an excellent opportunity to set the new high standard in the industry of light modifiers. We are positioning ourselves as the GO-TO option of lighting for photographers who are often on the move. But with plans to expand the product line in several categories, we have the potential to capture considerable market share and to provide significant value in both Photo and Filmmaking Industries. 

* 2020 – VENERA in three sizes,

* 2020/2021 – ACCESSORIES to control the shape, intensity, and softness of the light,

* 2021 – CARBON FIBER LIGHT STAND, the future element of the “Ultimate Travel Kit”,

* 2021 – CONTINUOUS LIGHT FOR VIDEO which opens the door for VENERA to be used extensively in video production.


RAYCROWN  is looking to raise EUR 200,000,-

Via kunt u de aanvullend beschikbare informatie (zoals het business plan en de financiële gegevens) opvragen. Maak hiervoor graag gebruik van onderstaande contactformulier of de contactpagina.

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