Investment firm focused on growth stage companies

6 januari 2021

Type investeerder:

Venture Capitalist


B2B Software; B2C Software; Deep Tech; ICT; Groothandel; Mobility; Energy; E-Commerce; Logistiek; Food; Bouw & Installatie; Travel; Media, Reclame & Communicatie; Leisure; Agri; Retail; Zakelijke dienstverlening; Overige; Consumentengoederen; Productie; Gaming

In welke fase dient de onderneming waarin geïnvesteerd wordt zich te bevinden:

Early Growth; Series A; Series B

Het minimaal te investeren bedrag:


Het maximaal te investeren bedrag:


Te bieden competenties:

No Such Ventures investeert a.d.h.v. een deal-by-deal structuur, in plaats van een traditionele fonds structuur.


Overige relevante informatie:

No Such Ventures is a European investment firm focused on growth stage companies, currently investing tickets of €2m to €8m.

Sometimes get the feeling that most investment firms look alike?

Same inflexible fund structure, standard way of communicating and “spray and pray” tactics?

They do. Constantly.

Therefore, they think investing should be done differently:
• Investing through a flexible deal- by-deal structure, instead of a rigid, old-school fund.

• Investing with the money of active investors, who can truly help, instead of with money from passive, asset management investors.

• An entrepreneurial approach towards investing, not believing in fund crite- ria, allowing them to freely invest with regards to type of shares, without min. or max. % of shares, nor a particular sector or geography. Great companies and investments don’t fall into a predetermined, one-size-fits-all bucket.

• Making concentrated bets, instead of using the “spray and pray” approach, which results in a lower investments / NSV team members ratio and more value add towards the companies.

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Over Venture Capital

Venture Capital verbind investeerders met organisaties die op zoek zijn naar kapitaal. Hierdoor onderstaan kansen tot groei en nieuwe innovaties.


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