3 september 2020

YourID is ’s werelds eerste identiteitsplatform dat eindgebruikers, overheden en bedrijven een enkele, gebruiksvriendelijke, herbruikbare en zeer veilige identiteitsoplossing biedt via 1 app.

Met YourID kunnen gebruikers hun identiteit snel, gemakkelijk en betrouwbaar bevestigen bij vele verschillende soorten diensten, websites en platforms overal ter wereld, met behulp van de biometrische functie op hun smartphone, met maximale controle over hun privacy en privé-informatie.

YourID’s klanten zijn in eerste instantie alle toonaangevende platformen en websites met honderden miljoenen klanten per platform/website. Deze platformen en websites bieden YourID’s app aan aan hun klanten.

Benodigd Kapitaal:

€ 2.500.000,-


B2B Software; B2C Software; ICT

In welke fase bevindt de organisatie zich?

Seed; Early Growth

Omzet (Historisch & Prognose):

Omzet verwacht per eind 2021. Jaar omzet prognose in jaar 4: EUR > 300 miljoen.


Ontwikkeling platform/app en voorbereiding lancering.

Aantal founders:


Aantal werknemers:


Overige relevante informatie:

YourID offers investors the possibility to participate in a multi-billion $ industry with minimum funds and minimum risk. This unique situation is made possible by YourID’s highly innovative and disruptive market approach (see below), that is based on the ample experience of YourID’s management team in this sector.

After an investment round in Q3 & Q4 2020 of EUR 2.5M, it is expected that no further investment round is required. Partial solutions have raised significantly more funds (averaging EUR 30-100 million per solution) in recent years/months and offer a higher risk profile.

YourID is the world’s first trusted identity platform that offers end users, governments and businesses a single, convenient, re-usable and highly secure identity solution. With YourID, users can reliably confirm their identity across a range of services, websites and platforms using a single biometric credential, with minimum friction and maximum control over their private information.

YourID offers compelling advantages to the end user and the best user experience:

• Convenient Access for all online situations after a one time on-boarding. Using the biometric sensors on smartphones, YourID eliminates the need to remember passwords and enables instant access to any online account, after a simple one-time only enrollment process.

• Security. Through the combination of various proven, certified technologies and a meticulous architecture, YourID delivers the highest form of security and remote identification.

• Privacy. YourID’s Swiss foundation and technological architecture guarantee the highest form of privacy for the individual and participating partners.

Where previous attempts to establish universal ID failed, YourID will succeed thanks to 4 key pillars:

1. Technology Agnostic: A flexible range of partners offer the most appropriate technology for any given situation, instead of relying on a single technological solution.

2. Cross-industry Collaboration: YourID will be controlled by a wide variety of stakeholders from various industries, including leading websites and online platforms.

3. Shared Cost: Free for the end-user, while participating platforms reduce costs for IAM up to 95%, since these costs will be shared between them due to re-usable identities.

4. Data Enrichment Through Consent: Users can choose to complete their profile with additional, private information, for example financial information, medical details or data from a smart watch. This way, through explicit consent, users have the option to enrich data for companies, and receive benefits in return.

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