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Hieronder ziet u het actuele, Engelstalige aanbod van VentureCapital.nl. Voor meer informatie klikt u op het aanbod voor meer details. Voor het aanbod wat in het Nederlands wordt aangeboden kunt u kijken onder ‘Aanbod‘.

Football investment venture capital

Football development player platform

Football development player platform, to create deep insights into youth football talent's development, using AI, Machine Vision and sensor-tech, seeking ...
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Construction private equity venture capital

Construction Handshake

Construction Handshake leading the construction sector into a new era. Blockchain based materials passport for the circular economy. Smart Contracts ...
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esports venture capital

Next generation Esports

The next generation Esport - compete, win and earn. A gaming career at any skill level. eBrawl is an eSports ...
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Game changing websites

Two game changing websites: a video dating/networking website using video profiles for transparent introductions and a ground breaking video fundraising ...
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Fundraising electric charging

Charging solutions

Fundraising for 'Soolutions' a company that offers automated, personalised and independent support for an optimised turnkey charging solution ...
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venture capital

Premium Honey

This Dutch company is aiming to export premium pine honey to Europe, South America, USA, Middle East and China. To ...
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Venture capital

Mobile app business

Phuza is a free to download app, built to maximise your e-Commerce conversions, decrease customer acquisition costs and ensure every ...
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Parcel locker

Parcel lockers

The Smartmile cloud SW platform connects automated parcel machines (parcel lockers) to any courier, retailer and online buyer. Through this ...
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Social fitness app

Social fitness app

We are creating a social fitness app that connects and challenge people to perform physical activity together or virtually with ...
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Project Citizen`s Island

Een veilige plek voor je gebruikersnamen, wachtwoorden, private key, public key, telefoon en adres boek, medisch dossier ...
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Loyalty platform

2local is a loyalty platform that supports local-2-local and sustainability. It is tapping into banking with native L2L tokens, which ...
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Photography product investment

VENERA is a high-performance light shaping system that obliterates all existing light modifiers in performance and stability, produces a superior ...
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