Agile Maritime Transportation with Patented Technology

6 maart 2023

This startup is developing the future of maritime transport! Their aircrafts are the most efficient electric flying vehicles for the lowest cost per mile in the maritime world. The patented design utilizes VTOL and ground effect technologies to maximize speed, range and operational flexibility while reducing offshore cargo operational emissions by 60% to 99%.

Maritime Transportation

The passionate core team (possessing various technical scientific backgrounds) has been working on the ground effect technology since 2010 and autonomous aerial systems since 2008. With a strong network in the maritime and unmanned systems industries, we bring together the operational understanding with ground-breaking technology to revolutionize maritime logistics for a more cost-effective, faster and cleaner future. The company aims to extend this technology for diverse maritime areas with a wide range of specifically designed WIG vehicles.

Business model:

The company is leasing their products with training, maintenance and data as part of the lease cost.

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Gewenst type investeerder(s):

Angel Investor, Incubator-Accelerator, Strategische-Investeerder


  • Faster to Certify & Upscale: Ground effect vehicles are already out there and certified within IMO. 10x cheaper to certify and upscale compared to any other technology.


  • Efficient & Best in Class Range: Ground effect makes Speeders up to 40% more efficient in aerodynamics enabling the best in class range. VTOL&Amphibious: Speeders can take-off/land from naval platforms, sea surface, helicopter pads and flat surfaces in harbour areas.


  • Low Emissions/Low Lifecycle Cost: Hybrid electric propulsion provides lower emissions compared to surface vessels or helicopters. Electric propulsion and unmanned operation enables lower cost for maintenance and operation.


  • Feasible: Speeders provide a flexible, affordable, sustainable and reliable solution combining the benefits of helicopters and marine vessels.


  • Flexible: Ability to fly out of ground effect and VTOL capability enables rough sea operation. Ability to land over water allows waiting for longer durations for inspection/surveillence missions. Cargo bay can be modified for inspection or cargo missions.

Benodigd kapitaal:


Minimale ticketsize:



The investment is required to produce the prototype and showcase the capability to customers to get pre-orders in the company. We are speaking to 5 potential customers and will be planning the demos after the first testing of the prototype.


Energy, Mobility



Aantal founders:


Aantal huidige werknemers:


Ervaring founder(s):

Founder 1 has a scientific background as follows: MSc. Engineering Management, BS. Aerospace Engineering. The founder has been actively designing unmanned aircraft and subsystems since 2008. He has worked on ANKA, Simsek UAV projects in TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) and worked on management positions in Europe for innovation management, business development and product management since 2015.

Founder 2 has a MSc. Naval Architecture at University of Southampton. He has been working on ground effect technology since 2010 and has worked with multiple ship design offices on both commercial and defence vessel design projects. He has worked with the companie Aselsan and Dearsan Shipyard on combatant designs and BAE Systems on USV projects. He has already conducted the subscale testing of the UEV technology.

Founder 3 has a BSc. Aviation Engineer. He was an engineering pilot for Fokker aircraft and has been piloting commercial aircraft for 20 years as a captain and instructor pilot. He has vast knowledge in aviation regulations, aircraft maintenance and pilot training.

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Overige relevante informatie:

The founders have invested for the costs of the patent, the production of 2 scaled prototypes and a 2/3 ironbird test vehicle.

The total money invested by the founders is €98.000,- and an angel investment of €94.000,- has been issued with a SAFE agreement.

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