Real Estate Development

22 september 2020

Twee Flippers is a real estate developer focusing in purchasing distressed properties and offices in Rotterdam and Den Haag that are in poor and damage conditions to be redeveloped into modern houses.

Living in satisfactory housing conditions is one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. Starting from this general principle, the goal of Twee Flippers is to improve the user experience by providing a property fixed following the motto “we offer not a home to stay but a space to live”.

To overcome the housing shortage, the prime solution is to build new houses but the housing shortage will not be tackled just with new housing buildings because it is limited due to environmental regulations so, it will require adding existing properties that need renovations.

In the current market, some properties are uninhabitable because they are abandoned, distressed, or simply too old to live with ongoing needs. To make these existing properties appealing for the public renovations will be required with creative solutions that permit the user to experience his living space according to the contemporary lifestyle. Usually, this means that the property needs structural restorations and/or improvements in the electrical system, piping, heating, isolation, etc.

Twee Flippers will see and develop the hidden potential of each property with the aim to design a functional and aesthetic house. Each house will suggest creativity, giving solutions that will become a unique and personal space to live. All the final creative results will be conforming the only and recognizable mark of Twee Flippers based on the principles of spatiality, functionality, and aesthetics.

Required capital:

€ 250.000- 2.000.000



Phase of the organization:

Early Growth

Revenue (Historical & Forecast):

Turnover is expected to be 1.5 mill at the end of 2021

Investment uses:

Purchase of the property, buying costs, renovations and work capital.

Number of founders:


Number of employees:


Desired type of investor:


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