20% equity stake in 1 holding company and 10 subsidiaries.

11 september 2023

Benodigd kapitaal

€ 10.000.000,-

Maandelijkse omzet

€ 0,-

Minimale ticketsize

€ 25.000,-


B2B-Software, Zakelijke dienstverlening, Marketing, Media,-Reclame-en-Communicatie, SaaS

We’re actively establishing ourselves as a significant player in the startup sector.

Our mission? To not only nurture our own SME ventures, but also empower others to flourish. Our focus is on turning innovative concepts into market-ready enterprises, while simultaneously expanding our diverse real estate portfolio.

Currently, we’ve already forged partnerships with six promising companies and have initiated the development of four SaaS software products tailored to startups and beyond.

Notably, two of these SaaS solutions are poised to be sold to the highest bidder.

This isn’t just about one product or one company; it’s about a collective of enterprises united in mutual support and delivering top-notch services to fellow SMEs.

Business model:

Our goal is to become a dominant force in the start-up business landscape by fostering and transforming emerging ventures into thriving entities. We will curate a diverse portfolio of corporate and private properties to strengthen our operations. Our organization provides an ideal platform to materialize the wealth of ideas we have gathered over the past five years.

Each idea will be meticulously transformed into a start-up, nurtured for remarkable success, and eventually sold to the most suitable bidder, encouraging the exploration of new ideas. This creates an ideal structure for other entrepreneurs to launch their start-ups through the company’s services. We can provide software, marketing, sales, properties, vehicles and many more services.


Our first idea is a dating app where the main competition will be Tinder, in a dating market valued now at USD 9.65 billion and has a CAGR of 7+% per year. Our second idea has no competition in the app world. We also rebrand our existing business and bring it into the group not only our customers but also 4 major SaaS software packages.

Our entire structure is set up to provide every (start-up) company with all the tools it needs to succeed and grow. At the same time, is this structure set up so that the entire Group of companies becomes recession-proof and stable.


Revenue Projection: The projected revenue for the upcoming fiscal years are exceptionally positive.

With an estimated revenue of € 4.268.763,91 in 2024 and € 47.122.268,00 in 2025, the forecasts indicate that the Group has significant potential to become a market leader.

Costs and Expenses: The financial plan has been prepared with a well-balanced approach to costs and expenses. All relevant aspects, such as procurement costs, personnel 

expenses, marketing expenditures, and operational costs, have been considered. The estimated total expenses amount to € 5.633.222,14 in 2024 and € 16.635.940,53 in 2025 showcasing thoughtful and realistic cost management.

Net Profit Projection: The expected net profit for the coming years are highly promising. 

While the first year will have a loss of € -1.364.458,23 the second year will have an estimated net profit of € 30.486.327,46, the plan demonstrates that the Group can become a profitable company with a solid profitability.

Marketing and Branding: Building our brand and promoting our products require an effective marketing strategy. We intend to allocate € 1.550.000,00 in 2024 and € 9.200.000 in 2025 to marketing and branding activities, including digital marketing, advertising campaigns, and developing an appealing brand identity.

Working Capital: Adequate working capital is essential to ensure smooth daily business operations. We plan to reserve an amount of € 410.000,00 in 2024 and add € 540.000 to that budget in 2025 as working capital, providing us with sufficient financial buffer for operational expenses and unforeseen costs.

Ervaring founder(s):

Over the past decade, we have cultivated strong relationships and assembled a capable team to lead this Group of Companies towards success. As we achieve our investor milestone, the owners of partner businesses will join us, providing a boost to the Group. This addition brings in the ideal candidates for Marketing & Sales, HR, and Real Estate.

Our goal is to grow our total workforce to more than 50 people within the first year of operation. We aim to employ over 100 talented individuals within three years. This expansion of our team will not only strengthen our capabilities but also drive innovation and propel us towards sustainable success.

Overige relevante informatie:

– Rebranding our 14-year existing web development business, along with our valued customers, to establish it under the Group

Below, items become part of the Group.

– 20% stake in a promising beauty platform.

– 20% stake in a hair extension web store.

– 20% stake in a company specialized in the treatment of cancer patients with skin and hair conditions in the Netherlands.

– 20% stake in a big distribution and newspaper agency from the Netherlands.

– 20% stake in a start-up company that is growing to become a big player in the air conditioning market in the Netherlands.

– We are negotiating purchasing a corporate building, including tenants. (for our HQ)

– Currently building 4 SaaS software systems for the Group and its customers.

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B2B and B2C


B2B-Software, Zakelijke dienstverlening, Marketing, Media,-Reclame-en-Communicatie, SaaS



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Angel Investor, Venture Capital

Benodigd kapitaal:

€ 10.000.000,-

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€ 1,-

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€ 25.000,-

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€ 0,-

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€ 4.268.764,-

Omzet (prognose) maand 13 – 24:

€ 47.122.268,-

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€ 1,-

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