A franchise and license opportunity for story-based snowparks

27 juli 2023

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The company with over 25 years of experience in developing indoor snow parks around the world, now offers a new kind of snow park: A story-based snow park filled with hours of fun. This is an experience as a franchise and license opportunity on a geographically exclusive basis for permanent or relocatable facilities including stories, themed attractions, operations handbook, merchandising, training, based on a management agreement or Joint Venture.

The snow park is a “Plug and Play” concept that can be easily implemented in any mall or event location without the requirement of costly alterations and cooling. The only requirement is an empty building or temporary building, with normal airconditioned temperature and standard utilities. The snow park includes everything an attraction needs, including ticketing, food & beverage service and a merchandise shop.

The concept can be developed to fit any size. To get you inspired the team has developed several examples: 600 m², 1.200 m², 2.400 m², and 5.000 m² (6500/13000/25800,53800 sq.ft).

Attractions in this snow world are easy to change or to update, which keep the snow parks fresh all the time. The snow park also features TapeMyDay, a system that automatically creates a photo and video diary of the entire visitors’ stay. To avoid waiting lines for attractions, the snow park comes with an online ticketing system where people can book time slots for all their rides in advance.

It is the intention to simultaneously develop dedicated media for social media, such as YouTube and television.

Business model:

The park is based on new developed IP,  representing great franchise and license opportunities. This IP features a marmot’s family and their other animal friends from the Alps experiencing all kinds of fun adventures in the snow park. The IP is developed and owned by the company initiating this snow park concept and includes already it’s own 4D movie, merchandise catalogue, games and theming concepts.

By immerging the visitors into an story telling Alpine winter landscape with mountain sceneries, chalet facades, snowy rockwork, terraces, and real snowfall, the visitor will create unforgettable memories. The company has developed different business models for the new snow parks, for different parts of the world, resulting in very interesting ROI opportunities with a payback time between 3 and 5 years.


There are 60+ possible snow attractions like ice games and attractions for all age groups tailored for any location depending on market size and target groups. Some 20 of these are featured in the first snow park opening soon, including:

  • lots of snow play;
  • bumper cars on ice;
  • kids snowmobiling;
  • snow tubing carousel;
  • snow diggers;
  • straight and curved slides;
  • synthetic ice climbing;
  • climbing and crawling for toddlers;
  • high ropes course;
  • ice-skating and curling rink;
  • rotating sliding disc;
  • an ice cave; a 3D theatre;
  • storytelling corner;
  • AR and VR games;
  • an educational tour featuring the flora and fauna in the Alps.

Investment need:

In total, the investment need is €8.500.000,- for the first 4.500m2 turnkey location of in the Netherlands. €1.000.000,- we can finance ourselves. The rest will be realized with a combination of bank loans (1/3) and equity investor (1/3) and bonds (1/3).

Targeted opening between the end of 2023 and the spring of 2024. Cash flow required approx. 25% at the start of each quarter. This concerns an existing venue on a rental basis with existing permits, infrastructure, parking, and energy availability including all attractions, theming, installations and systems as well as project management and pre-opening costs. A dedicated operations company will be established.

Experience founder(s):

Worldwide experience in designing, building and managing snowparks.

Other relevant information:

There were no previous investments done other than private funds by the entrepreneur.

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