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20 mei 2021

Company description:

This startup is a web platform that was created back in 2018 to answer to the needs of an event organizer, to increase the engagement of its participants and to have an event about tech supported with tech. This was a hit: over 85% of the attendees used the app during the event and the overall engagement was above 70% when using the mechanics available.

The startup has the change to prove their wits in a couple of other events using their legacy app. Since then, the startup reinvented, introducing to the market the Adapt version, a stronger, more versatile and scalable app. 

Introducing brilliant mechanics in a seamless user experience, this startup enables event organizers with tools that will increase the engagement and networking of their participants.

The platform was built using the brightest tech and the ultimate user experience.

The platform is built for event organizers and these are the ones that benefit the most from this solution. An extraordinary event for their organizers is only possible if their attendees recognize it. With this platform that recognition is guaranteed. They aim to deliver to their target group the best quality possible when it comes to digitalizing events — to achieve so, the startup focuses on building the best user experience and the brightest tech so that both the organizers and the participants can take the best benefit out of it. The attendees will be talking about the event for the years to come and that’s because the mechanics that the startup has implemented will not only increase the overall engagement of the participants as it will allow them to expand their networks and to be more connected between each other. Additional benefits are brought to the organizers by the versatility and scalability of the digital solution — allowing them to customize their application’s look and feel, extend their events with new features and even have a gamification design custom tailored to their event needs.

In a nutshell, these are (at the present moment) the features that are available:

  • Agenda (with live-stream capabilities and information about the speakers);
  • Gamification (Points, Challenges, Achievements and Leaderboards)
  • Chatbox;
  • Quizzes (Multiple Choice, Polls and Free Input);
  • User profile (with custom free-input fields);
  • Networking;
  • Store (PTS / RWC);
  • Static pages.


Business Model:

They offer an event-based subscription custom tailored to the needs of the event organizers in addition to additional services that complement their experience while using their own system.


Customer type / profile:

The platform is set for event organizers, these can either be B2B or B2C


Preferable investor type:

Angel investor; Venture Capitalist


They offer to the event organizers the ultimate experience for their events. This is enabled by the brightest tech and the seamless user experience that both they and their attendees get to benefit from. The main objective of this startup is to level up the engagement of the participants and their networking with the tools and mechanics that they’ve built.


Capital amount needed:


Investment need:

€50.000 – €75.000 is set for the tech, both hiring of a backend and frontend developers and assuring the scalability of their infrastructure.

The remaining is available to extend sales and invest in marketing campaigns to reach a bigger audience.



B2B Software 



Number of founders:


Current number of employees:


Monthly turnover (current):



Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:



Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Current monthly expenses:


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