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14 september 2020

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SkyFarms is a community of open-source SMART agriculture resources that allows consumers to become food citizens by matching local empty spaces with opportunities for new crops. With over 1000+ stakeholders, 300+ volunteers, we share knowledge in a data commons, and develop software that guides users to their unique place in agriculture as a way to achieve SDG 2 Zero Hunger.

During Covid-19 we were able to digitally lead our new users to start farms and have onboarded 8 new projects from across the globe, just from behind our screens.

We are scaling through our training programs where our users have the opportunity to open a chapter or start an AgHub in their community. Here they recruit new projects, stakeholders, and raise the awareness of their community about how many local farms are needed and run community events like Farm-to-Fork dinners, volunteering on a farm, or seed saving events. (if you know Slow Food, then similar to this network).

Activity: Education, Digital Development, Data Science, Agriculture Insights, Knowledge Sharing, Community Building, New Urban Farm Creation, Recruit Agripreneurs, Network of AgBusiness Members
Size: Small Start-up
Established: 2018
Customers: Youth, Women, Disadvantaged, Underserved, Food Activists, Plant Based Diet, Sustainable Consumers, Locavores, Agtech + AgImpact Stakeholders.

Required Capital:


Investment break down:

We are a fully volunteer led organization, so we are looking forward to raising money to onboard our team, start to build up our project base through marketing and recruiting, and begin to onboard paying stakeholders.

Financial Considerations Available:

Company phase:

1: Angel
2: Seed
3: Early Growth


1: Agriculture
2: Open-Source Digital Innovation Hubs

No. of founders:

1 but currently looking for a co-owner/partner in the Netherlands.

No. Of employees:

Our team is non-paid so they are not employed, but currently we have a core team of 6, and over 40 volunteers contributing to small tasks and freelancing on projects.

Legal structure:

BV – one shareholder

Turnover (Historical & Forecast):

Historically, we are just beginning to build the framework to onboard projects and memberships.
In the next 3 years, we have within our business plan certain IT goals and membership metrics that if we achieve them we can become financially sustained enough to continue to invest in new farms and explore new revenue streams, such as merchandise, our own kits, and even P2P supply chain.

EBITDA (Historical & Forecast):

Historically Not Applicable – We just opened our business during Covid-19
Forcast available in Gsuite

Ideal Investor specs:

Ideally an IMPACT investor would be involved with sustainable development goals, UN Project Breakthrough Mindsets, and WEF Fourth Industrial Revolutions concepts. Additionally, someone who understands embracing the worst case scenario of their investment would be more farms, and food in local communities. And who is equally interested in the power of leveraging ICTs to incentivize an agricultural renaissance – while putting human, natural and social capital at the centre of prosperous development.

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