Conference Platform – Blockchain secured

24 september 2020

The world is changing rapidly due to Covid-19, privacy issues with widely known applications and blockchain technology being integrated in new applications.

Vaiyo is an easy to use conference platform fully encrypted by unhackable blockchain technology
The platform is ideal for Classrooms, Business calls, Teamwork and personal calls.

The Business: Highly secured Conference platforms with a whiteboard which you can use with multiple persons as Kanban board.

The Market: Current users of Zoom are looking for a secured platform, we deliver a platform secured with the blockchain.
Microsoft teams user are looking for an more easy to use platform with a whiteboard which can be saved and with breakout rooms, all available in Vaiyo.
Schools and universities looking due to the Corona situation for an affordable and easy to use digital solution just like Vaiyo.
Businesses looking for Kanban boards which are always available and easy to use in a meeting.”

Progress/Proof: These Features are currently live

  • Online Video conferencing
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Desktop sharing
  • Polling
  • Sharing media
  • Private talk in group
  • Sharing webcam
  • Recording sessions
  • Multiple rooms
  • Rooms stay in profile
  • Shared notebook
  • Notebook export
  • Breakout rooms
  • Emoji

Objectives/Future: Next to be online

  • Blockchain security
  • Whiteboard save option
  • Editable text
  • Kanban boards
  • Meeting schedular
  • Android and iOS app
  • Outlook and other plugins
  • Virtual background

Required capital:

€ 250.000


B2C-Software, Onderwijs

Phase of the organization:


Investment uses:

Development; Operations; Marketing

Number of founders:


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