CCO/COO and CTO for an impact investment platform

13 april 2022

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This is an impact platform for private markets (private equity) to comply with mandatory European regulation and create sustainable value. Their mission is to move more capital towards sustainable investments. Founded in Q1 2021.

Our world in 2050 will be radically different and the financial industry will play a pivotal role. This company provide you with the right technology to give you a competitive edge when it comes to dealing with mandatory European sustainable finance regulation. Aided by their online solution, you can focus on making the right investments and help create the world we want.

Sustainable finance regulation can be complex and having experts involved will lower the risks. Sustainability experts are an integral part of the solution this company provides. Thereby is the technology designed to it simplifies. This means that you can achieve more with the same number of people.

Their solution is collaborative, user Friendly and based on collective knowledge. Fund managers, portfolio companies and sustainability consultants all work in a secure and collaborative online workspace. They have turned 918 pages of complex regulatory texts into user-friendly surveys that anyone could use – regardless of level of expertise. With their platform one can benefit from a curated knowledge center so you or your invested companies never get stuck. Expert advice is available when needed.


Business Model:

B2B SaaS, Annual plan, price per portfolio company (~10k revenue per customer annually).

Outbound sales for now, will turn to inbound after seed round.


Type klant:




The founder of this company has built market leading water tool in ESG data space. He has experience with open-source model. He signed a strategic partnership with market leading ESG consulting firm. 

Gewenst type Co-founder / Partner:

Commercieel; Technisch


Wat wordt er verwacht van een nieuwe co-founder/partner:

This company is searching for both CCO/COO and CTO. Ideally the founding team consists of 3 people. (CEO, a CTO and a CCO/COO)





B2B Software, Impact, Fintech, Saas





Aantal huidige founders:



Aantal huidige werknemers:



Overige relevante informatie:

This Company already retrieved an investment of €120.000,-

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