Co-founder for mobile bicycle repair shop

4 juli 2023

Beschrijving onderneming:

This is a mobile bicycle repair shop. The current founder wants to expand to the Netherlands and is therefore searching for a co-founder.

We solve the problem of taking one or several bicycles that are damaged or in need of maintenance to the traditional workshop, avoiding transfers and delays for the client. We save your time and facilitate the entire process by enabling you to schedule your appointment from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Our home workshop business model is available in 10 cities and 2 countries in Europe: Spain and France. Currently, we are considering the opening of 2 more countries in 2023.

Our biggest challenge and obstacle to growth is finding an operating partner quickly who possesses knowledge of the bicycle or mobility industry and has the necessary capital to assemble one or more mobile vans by acquiring one of the available franchises. This partnership can be formed either in collaboration with our company or individually.

Business Model:

This is a franchise system of mobile workshops for bicycles.

Type klant:

B2B & B2C


  • The business model;
  • The payment of the franchise at a flat rate;
  • The brand’s support for the franchisee and;
  • Above all, a market in technological change to which all conventional stores must adapt.

Gewenst type Co-founder / Partner:


Wat wordt er verwacht van een nieuwe co-founder/partner:

We are seeking a partner who possesses market knowledge. It is worth noting that in the Netherlands, the number of bicycles surpasses the population. In comparison, Spain, for instance, is 12 times larger territorially. Consequently, the Dutch market offers great potential for efficient logistics management and a higher concentration of clients per square meter.


Further to be discussed




Series A

Aantal huidige founders:


Aantal huidige werknemers:

As it is a franchise model, there are 15 plant employees and 4 partners, and the rest of the business is managed by outsourcing. For example, the vans are prepared by an external company that has about 22 employees, working low volume costs are reduced, in the same way, spare parts are purchased directly from manufacturers or main vendors.

Overige relevante informatie:

We are searching for a co-founder/partner to start in the Netherlands.

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