Connecting brands with urban creatives

A little bit about this partner:

This is a creative innovation partner connecting brands with urban creatives.

Urban cities are home to great creatives. These are places where there is a vibe and where it all happens. You get the feeling of not wanting to miss anything because new things are growing, people thrive and communities connect. It’s a great place to be and an even better place to position your brand and bring value.

This partner believes brands can get more exciting and refreshing by working with these creatives. Especially when it comes to the new digital reality. Based on the expertise of this partner they know how to bring together the right individuals to create a strong project team.

Path to your success

This is your partner in creating new experiences that resonates, challenges and makes an impact on customers. With their passion for marketing, brand strategy and technological developments, they would love to work with you on an approach that works. This partner believes in great connections and sparking the creativity to bring real value and experiences. 

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Recente plaatsingen

Uniek advertentie concept op pizzadoos

Uniek advertentie concept op pizzadoos

Benodigd Kapitaal: € 210.000,-
Maandelijkse Omzet: € 0,-
Sector(en): B2C-Software, Consumentengoederen, E-Commerce, Marketing

Deze onderneming introduceert een hippe manier van adverteren waarbij de concurrentie minimaal is! Wij hebben een formule on...

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