Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation platform

29 oktober 2021

Company description:

With their Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation platform, this company helps organizations to boost their productivity, improve customer journeys and optimize operations, costs and quality. This is a billion dollar recurring revenue market. The AI connects with the user’s system and data platforms to execute tasks end-to-end at your command. They address today’s strategic business challenges:

– Customer’s expectations of 24/7 availability of service

– Need for true omnichannel customer journeys

– Required speed of execution of tasks

– Rising contact volumes

– Shortage of skilled talent

– Drive for internationalization and growth

Business Model:

Free implementation. Pay-per-use.


Customer type:



Preferable investor type:

Venture Capitalist



Their platform connects customers, people, processes and systems through one simple interface: language in any voice and text channel, any time and anywhere. They handle any in- and outbound contact volumes and the underlying business processes on the phone, in your apps, websites, via SMS, WhatsApp and more.


Capital amount needed:



Investment need:

To accelerate international growth they are looking for investors and potential partners.



Deep Tech, Platform and Business services



Early Growth


Number of founders:



Current number of employees:




The founders have been in the Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation business for many years.


Additional information:

Information about turnovers, costs and forecasts can be delivered upon request.

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