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31 juli 2023

For startups whose products comprise more than simply a digital platform, you need a CTO who has the knowledge of (aside from many other technical and soft skillset):
  1. a large range of manufacturing techniques;
  2. machinery, standards and practices for quality control and improvement;
  3. a large range of organic and inorganic materials;
  4. involving the right experts, asking the right questions to industry experts;
  5. involving the right partners to collaborate with based on the mutual technical gaps that shall be filled with the partnership.


The CTO also needs to join hands with the CEO while making deals with the customer(s), when the promise of a certain function of a product is being made. Because everything I wrote above, will need to be considered as a foresight while a deal is being finalised. The CTO needs to actively merge one’s insights with the CFO/COO, in order to build a realistic valuation, financial forecasts, profit margins with each project/deal. Be aware that being a superb engineer is not the same as being a strong CTO. A CTO is a visionary who should have foresights towards all the technical risks and possibilities. Nobody is born a CTO and neither can you learn to be one in a business school or through an engineering degree. 

I am looking to invest my time in startups that are focused on mechanical products and /or innovative materials. Your startup could be developing a mechanical device that is targeted towards medical practices, high-tech organisations or targeted towards general consumers. I am looking for startups which do not merely code and release an app but also delivers a physical entity. If ‘website or app development’ is a part of the overall package, that is a different story and that is also a result of a roadmap which the CTO should create and manage. I could provide my time as a CTO to bring in insights on the above listed as well as bring in more realistic insights on the technical challenges in design, manufacturing, optimisation and of course, time to market and various resources needed to get to the market. This helps with the products’ marketing, operations and profit margins, which will in turn help keep the investors invested in the company’s progress. I will look forward to a good collaboration with a dynamic team ready to include a new CTO into their environment.


Statistics, architecture, engineering, mathematics, strategy development, roadmap development.


I’m currently working as an architect for an entire sector within ASML.



Gewenste type bedrijf:

Health tech, energy, semiconductors, materials


Energy, Fashion, Health, Onderwijs, Zakelijke dienstverlening

Bedrijfsfase gezocht:

Series A, Series B, Series C, Volwassen

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