Developing human competencies through AI and automated games

6 juni 2023

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B2B Software, Gaming, HR, ICT, Leisure, Education, Platform, SaaS, AI

We are specialized in developing human competencies that can not be displaced by A.I. or automation.

The games which we use to do this are provided at the moment to aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and investors, including talents, early entrepreneurs (youth), talents, influencers, innovators, and leaders. Our focus is to facilitate knowledge, skills, tools, and technology useful for entrepreneurs and investors.

We have tested our methodology since 1993, and developed 9+ categories or modalities of playing:

  • Leisure-play
  • Positive-impulse (or impact)-play
  • Learn-play
  • Earn-play
  • Balance-play (Work-Life Balance)
  • Co-creative-play (Communication, Collaboration)
  • Practice-circle-play (Human competencies)
  • Purpose-play (leadership)
  • System-play (Business systems)
  • Knowledge-play
  • Travel-play
  • Ambassador-play (sales, marketing)

The holistic gamified methodology for accelerated learning has been developed since 1993, started as a workshop at university for multidisciplinary collaboration team building and leadership skills, that used gamification as the method for facilitating non-academic competencies, and entrepreneurial mindset to 80+ attendees for 5 years. Including emotional intelligence, leadership, communication, team building, time management, empathy, self-management, use of technology, creativity, thinking, work-life balance, purpose, and others.

The methodology has evolved through 12 upgrades, and tested in diverse industries, locations and cultures, since 1997 (The founder lived abroad and traveled, for research, and testing with pilots). The methodology has been used effectively by human specialists in areas like education, coaching, personal growth, health, creativity, design thinking, circular economy, entrepreneurship, economics, sustainability, interpersonal relationships, parenting, arts, and others.

Since 2015 the founder has utilized a new mathematics system (outcome of multidisciplinary research since 1993), to automate the gamification process; and also to studio tools, skills and knowledge, and games used for education, health, coaching, personal growth, vocational education, travel, communication, parenting, sustainability and entrepreneurship,  in order to upgrade them and transform them into our games.

Since 2019 we utilize these games and challenges to support entrepreneurs in their business development, acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Since 2022 we have had a partnership with education services companies, and supporting youth in the Netherlands to acquire entrepreneurial skills.

We have also produced digital assets, e-learning, and merchandise, that we utilize as resources for our members.

Business model:

We sell subscriptions and memberships.

We utilize a wallet, customers can top up the wallet.

Existing members can use their wallets to purchase resources, skills, tools, training, or coaching to improve their performance in playing the games.

We also sell merchandise, and tangible games on demand: board games, card games, rings, and others.


We utilize a holistic data-driven accelerated learning methodology assisted by A.I. With it we measure, predict, enhance and optimize players’ performance, considering a matrix of human competencies.

Investment need:

Investment need: from 5K EUR to 260K EUR.

We offer three venture business opportunities, starting with 5K EUR for Ambassadors with a high ROI. We take loans and business development investments with equity in our spin-offs.

We will use the funds for:

  • Developing the digital platform to its next level (we have already set 4-5 tools);
  • Marketing and engagement of human capital in both ICT game developers;
  • SaaS developers;
  • Marketing sales.

With the investment, we would like to 9x the turnover within 24 months

Experience founder(s):


  • Multidisciplinary Researcher (self-funded research studies and research Institute): “The study of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, their technology, knowledge, society, leaders, thinking, and innovation, enables the creation of a bridge between the past and the future of humanity. At the our ecosystem, we are addressing global, local, and pressing social issues with a new kind of holistic knowledge, “the ancient code, the principles of nature”, facilitating a foundation for innovation, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.
  • Speaker, Coach, Mentor.
  • Author, storyteller, and artist (900+ digital e-publications), performing arts producer.
  • Explorer, traveler (lived abroad and traveling since 1997), organize multidisciplinary archeology expeditions.
  • Innovator: Study how sound and geometry can be utilized to enhance brain performance, creativity, and emotional intelligence, and accelerate holistic learning
  • Multidisciplinary Innovator (in 81 fields of applications: education, technology, strategic management, personal growth and leadership, mathematics, engineering, clean energy, new materials, arts, business, circular economy, wealth management, predictive tools, algorithms, gamification,  holistic health, entrepreneurship, communication, marketing, community building, resilience, human potential, economy, investment,…)
  • Holistic lifestyle trainer with own method (Primordial yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, self-defense, nonviolence, positive emotions, work-life family balance, forest bathing, preventive health, sound for balance, brain GYM, …)
  • Consultant, Sparring Partner, Trusted Advisor
  • Investor-Entrepreneur 
  • Serial entrepreneur (created business projects, pilot and testing projects in Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and online worldwide, since 1993)
  • Facilitates training

Other relevant information:

This platform have been integrated into our consultancy gamification services, we also train coach trainers to help players enhance their performance, and we combine the games with challenges for entrepreneurs.

We also do provide human capital value assessment with gamification and reports for professionals to add to their CV’s, and reports for investors on the human capital valuation of startups.

We want to scale up, so we are engaging international business developers and ambassadors. We are building a digital hybrid Platform. This gamification platform is the next generation of education technology assisted by A.I. We can make education, learning and earning funds, through games. We scale education, entrepreneurship, human capital recruiting, and job opportunities through gamification.

With the investment, we would like to 9x the turnover within 24 months.

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B2B Software, Gaming, HR, ICT, Leisure, Education, Platform, SaaS, AI


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