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16 augustus 2023

Benodigd kapitaal

€ 17.500,-

Maandelijkse omzet

€ 3.000,-

Minimale ticketsize

€ 500,-


AI, B2B-Software, Marketing, Media,-Reclame-en-Communicatie, SaaS

I am developing an holistic data-driven technology assisted by A.I. and Human Specialists. My target groups are purpose-driven entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators.

My focus for 2023 is to develop a SaaS platform with nine tools designed to accelerate entrepreneurial growth through: marketing, branding, communication, lead generation, sales, and audience/community building. Why? Because good products, services, and entrepreneurs find success when marketing and sales work well.

How do I plan to achieve this? I utilize an innovative proprietary methodology for data-driven customer profiling, communication, product design, and sales. I have been teaching the method to entrepreneurs for the last 4 years with successful results. I want to scale the service by digitalization of the tools.

The MVP will offer full functionality combined with an e-learning program and coaching services. The following upgrades will focus on automation. The MVP has already high value and would radically change for better the outcome of the business. I have simplified the design of the tool to the minimum so that the MVP development will take 3-6 months to be completed.

The nine tools include solutions for automated sales, customer profiling, targeted communication, growth hacking marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, audience building/community, marketplace, and sales process management.
The uniqueness of our product is the holistic data-driven gamified methodology, and human/company typology that creates a very specific CODE to be used to craft marketing assets, sales processes, communication content, tailor-made products, and address /identify a specific market niche.

The knowledge I use is unique and only available at the Multidisciplinary Research Institute I have founded in the Netherlands 2016, self-funded research since 1993. The company has been founded in 2019. After covid-19 I upgraded the Akademia for business services into a club for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. To provide coaching, training, tools, challenges, incubation programs, innovation, and consultancy ONLINE. Now I provide 99% of my services and products online.

Today we have 45 active and passive members, entrepreneurs, a database of 10K contacts, and we are developing long-term collaboration projects with Dutch companies and entrepreneurs. In the last 2 years, I have been testing target groups and products. Opportunities for the development of technology. Arriving at the clarity that the creation of a marketing sales tool would be appreciated by our audience.

My company currently offers products in values of 0.5K, 1K, 5K, and 12K EUR memberships, and training programs. Including e-learning programs and events, coaching, and gamified challenges. The SaaS application will be primarily used by my company to boost sales. In the last 2 years with this business project, I have generated 30K + 40K EUR in revenues.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are today of key importance for any local economy, in times of global transition, in economy, food, transport, energy, technology, and circularity. But investors prefer companies with healthy cash flow. Marketing and sales are of great importance.

For this SaaS, I have already interested parties. I am already selling the memberships and marketing on social media. I need the funding for the MVP development, for B2B sales.

Business model:

It is a SaaS Platform that offers memberships, subscriptions, pay-as-you-go and royalties will be utilized.

The users will select minimum packages including a number of tools they prefer to utilize, and complementary human or automated services, like A.I., coaching, training, or e-learning. Users may prefer a membership that gives them access to a community of users and an internal marketplace. Or a branded private service, that is only for their own company. API.

I am utilizing direct sales, by addressing my own network. Once the MVP is ready I will follow up with marketing campaigns, events for B2B guests, presentations, affiliates, and e-mail marketing, and utilize growth hacking methods. I will utilize the SaaS MVP to accelerate the sales process too.

Our customers we find at any startup incubator, innovation lab, investor circle, and business directory in any country, or location we decide to address.

The usual final net income of a SaaS platform is 70% to 80% of the revenues. With the platform upgrades and scaling process, I intend to increase the profitability.


What do I provide in the SaaS that sales force and CRM tools do not offer? The holistic data-driven profiling, our core knowledge and data-driven gamified methodology for marketing communication and sales, and our own A.I.
The SaaS is designed for the solo-preneur, travel-preneur, C-Level executive, business developer, and intrapreneur. As well as for the startup, innovator, and investor. Marketers, influencers, brand ambassadors, affiliates, scouts, and business developers will benefit from this application too.


Funding 17.500 EUR

RUNWAY 3-6 months

The funding will cover business operations, coding (app developer HHRR), marketing, app design (upgrade).

  • Operations 5.000 EUR
  • Coding 5.000 EUR – 7.000 EUR
  • Design Upgrade 5.000 – 7000 EUR

Ervaring founder(s):

My first business at age 12 was to sell playtime and video games. I continued to implement a gamified training program for leaders at my university in the year 1993. Communication, marketing, and sales have been my greatest friends and lessons. During university, I had a part-time job in door-to-door direct sales. I learned much about conversion and communication. Between 1993 and 2023, I have been funding my multidisciplinary research with a focus on innovation and purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

I have developed my business projects in South America, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, and online worldwide as a coach, trainer, and consultant. Since 1999, I have been utilizing arts and culture for social communication and awareness raising. I have cared for positive nonprofit causes since 2000, for which communication is crucial. As a result of my research, I have been developing innovative tools and methodologies that are nature-inspired and utilize mathematical principles found in nature to understand human behavior and develop human potential.

Since 2014, I have been developing and upgrading a gamified data-driven methodology for education, marketing, sales, and communication. I have facilitated training, coaching, tools, and skills to thousands of customers. For the last 4 years, I have been teaching the holistic data-driven gamified marketing method to entrepreneurs with successful results. I want to scale the service through the digitalization of the tools.

Overige relevante informatie:

The founder has invested an average of 1 Mio EUR since 1993 including research, development, tests of products, knowledge and tools in the market, analog tools development, design or algorithms, permits, legal registers, administration, communication and marketing channels, and development of digital and tangible assets.

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AI, B2B-Software, Marketing, Media,-Reclame-en-Communicatie, SaaS


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Benodigd kapitaal:

€ 17.500,-

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€ 500,-

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€ 3.000,-

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€ 40.000,-

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€ 260.000,-

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€ 1.200,-

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