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22 augustus 2023

I am Dutch, based in Vleuten near Utrecht. After a 25 year career in the corporate world with companies like Cadbury, LEGO, Société Générale and Amway I decided in 2019 that it was time to start something for myself and share my knowledge gained in the corporate world with start-ups that I try to invest in at the early stages of their development. At the moment I have a small portfolio of which KRNWTR+ (sales of water dispensers to minimise the plastic soup), The Bulb Farmers (e-commerce flower bulb sales to the end-consumer), Treeps GmbH (an entertainment app that answers the question “what to do”) and Tvoe Mesto (a dark kitchen project) are the most successful ones.

Specifieke investeerdersvoorkeuren:

Prefer to invest into projects that have a business idea that also has a significant social impact. Also like projects where I can help the team with my experience, background and contacts and be a little more then only a shareholder/investor.

Type Investeerder:

Angel Investor

Type financiering:

Equity, Lening, Tijdelijke overbrugging, converteerbare lening, SAFE

Gezochte sector(en):

Agri, AI, B2B Software, B2C Software, E-Commerce, Energy, FinTech, health, HR, Leisure, Mobility, Onderwijs, SaaS, Zakelijke dienstverlening

Gezochte bedrijfsfase:

Pre-seed, Seed, Early Growth

Het minimaal te investeren bedrag:

€ 25.000,-

Het maximaal te investeren bedrag:

€ 100.000,-


Have a strong background in sales, marketing, building effective teams and general management. Sometimes cooperate on the investments with my German partner.

Aantal jaar ervaring als investeerder:


Aantal investeringen:


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