Fair Vegan Luxury shoes made in Italy

1 juni 2021

Beschrijving onderneming:

Fair Vegan Luxury shoes – Made in Italy

Change and awareness in our lives on this planet is much needed for us and our future generations! That’s what you are seeking for, and it’s the same for us too. Together we are on the same mission! A mission to help us achieve that change in every step we take each day. A step towards a sustainable world! That’s why this company started to Offer a FAIR VEGAN LUXURY sneaker that is entirely Made in Italy, with an animal free approach in a sustainable way. They hope we can be a vehicle for you too and eventually follow them, know that they are here, and when you are ready hopefully you will join them.

Discover the world of Premium Basics, a place where can meet and share all our passion for Sneakers and making change happen in the process.

There is a huge market for these types of sneakers and it’s predicted to escalate to $100 billion in 2024. Streetwear has contributed a lot in bringing more attention to them. And all the luxury brands are also investing heavily in Sneakers.


The founders are 2 successful entrepreneurs in the sneakers section. One has worked three years for Dolce & Gabbana.

They started operations last summer in may 2020 with their first SS 20 Campaign gathering over 50 international retailers from Fred Segal in LA. To the mall of the emirates in Subai and other premium & luxury boutiques in the Eu. They have sold 1200 pairs in their SS21 campaign Current fw 22 orders they are at 900 pairs (still in progress). They have sold until now for 170k of turnover.


Business Model:

Retail online and offline


Type klant:


Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor; VC; Accelerator/Incubator

Wat onderscheidt jouw onderneming van anderen in jouw sector (USP’s)?:

Their USP is that they are a fair vegan luxury sneaker. They want to be the Stella McCartney of fashionable sneaker but in te 200/ 250 euro range being more accessible. They have already gathered a great audience on influencers and starts in the US and EU.


Benodigd Kapitaal:




In order to be able to market themselves more on a dtc base and make more collaborations with other brands and celebrities, this company needs to have an international marketing agency and social media management. They first and foremost need to have enough budget to properly advertise on social media and get influencers to endorse the brand.



Retail; E-commerce; Impact


Early Growth

Aantal founders:


Aantal huidige werknemers:


Maandelijkse omzet (huidig):



Omzet (Prognose) komende 12 maanden:



Omzet (Prognose) maand 13 – 24:


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