Green energy via anaerobic digestion

24 januari 2023

This company intends to become a leader in renewable energy while reducing agricultural pollution and GHG emissions; achieving this ambition by designing, building, owning, and operating industrial scale Anaerobic Digestion facilities.

The operations of the Company address two urgent problems:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated by agricultural pollution:
  • The creation of green sustainable energy required to reach net-zero 2050 energy emission targets.

As Anaerobic Digestion is the only method of producing green biomethane meaning it is the only non-fossil fuel replacement for Natural Gas. Biomethane is critical for heavy industry as it is only replacement for natural gas. Electricity generated by wind and solar are insufficient in most heavy industry applications necessitating Biomethane replacing 25% of Europe’s total energy requirements.

Anaerobic Digestion creates green Biomethane, and purified Carbon Dioxide is also used to create green Hydrogen and eMethanol. Both green Hydrogen and eMethanol have immense markets to satisfy, especially within heavy industry, transportation, and heavy shipping. By example: heavy shipping has chosen eMethanol as the next fuel source for the world’s major shippers with APM-Maersk announcing that they will require 2,000,000 tonnes per year just at their Spanish ports of call; currently there are zero tonnes in production.

To date this company has reached a number of target milestones: determined the region of operation based on need, amount of long-term feedstock for the facility, availability of distribution channels for the finished product, completed project valuations and profitability reviews, established the construction budget, project overview, equipment, and suppliers. The Company has narrowed the field to three major subcontractors ready to bid on the project, begun negotiations with major equipment suppliers for options on volume discounts and vendor financing.

Four major measures:

(a) conferring with established energy producers and brokers in relation to securing long-term purchase agreements;

(b) discussing with established energy producers potential joint venture options;

(c) consulting with industry financiers in securing phase two construction financing and;

(d) working with EU, national and local governments for governmental support.


At this point the company is planning on expanding staff and securing infrastructure requirements to move into phase two, construction financing and pre-construction activities. The company is registered and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Business model:

The business model is to use agricultural waste to create sustainable green energy. This is achieved through the use of subsidiary companies in each region in which the company plans to operate. By employing the basis of the Circular Economy the company reduces agricultural pollution, tackles a major source of greenhouse gas emissions while creating net-zero energy.

The first subsidiary company (in Spain – Sprouter Energy SLU), collects agricultural waste at the source, processes the waste via anaerobic digestion and sells the resulting energy products directly to the end-user or to other energy producers.

This startup derives income via three revenue streams:

– Project management fees: charged to the subsidiary during the construction of each facility.

– Intercompany fees: charged at a rate of €40.000,- per month per facility for the life of the facility.

– Profitability shares or dividends: each subsidiary will distribute to the parent company a percentage of the profits derived from said subsidiary.


Customer type:

B2B, B2C

Preferred investor type:

Angel investor, Adviseur



  • Green Biomethane is the ONLY non-fossil fuel replacement for Natural Gas which comprises 25% of European energy requirements;
  • Anerobic Digestion is the ONLY method of producing Green Biomethane;
  • Green Biomethane is required by heavy industry and is the only green replacement for Nature Gas;
  • Anaerobic Digestions also creates green Hydrogen and purified Carbon Dioxide which are needed by heavy industry and for the manufacture of eMethanol;
  • eMethanol is becoming the desired fuel for heavy shipping, replacing bunker diesel fuel;
  • Anaerobic Digestion is the key technology in reducing Agricultural Pollution and GHG emissions and is the ONLY method of producing Carbon Negative energy;
  • Project funding available through multiple government organizations including; the European Investment Bank, REPowerEU, the European Green Deal and Fit for 55 package.

Capital amount needed:


Investment need:

The company is currently looking for operations. Over the next seven months, these funds will be used for:

  • Head office staff 33%;
  • Spanish subsidiary including infrastructure and land acquisition 28%;
  • External contractors and specialists 23%;
  • Infrastructure 8%;
  • Monthly operating costs NL 7%;
  • Legal and accounting 1%.


Agri, Energy



Number of founders:


Current number of employees:


Experience founder(s):

The founder was raised in Western Canada in a farming community with vast oil reserves. With this experience the founder provides the company with a unique understanding of the environment and agricultural challenges in the energy sector.

This founder is has been involved with a number of start-ups in North America, Asia and the Netherlands. Due to this experiences the founder brings project management expertise, knowledge of start-up success and international business experience to this company. He is extremely proficient in leadership roles and has successfully managed enterprises to ensure projects are completed on-time and on-budget. Thereby he is well-versed in working with business leads, stakeholders, and external entities in aligning and achieving business objectives.

Monthly turnover:


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Current monthly expenses:


Additional information:

No previous rounds.
Founder direct investment: €25.000,-
Founder indirect investment: €100.000,-

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