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29 november 2022

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The concept for this company originated in 2008 during an interim management assignment. One of the clients of the owner of this company requested to clean up a relational database containing 500,000 members. At that time, the idea of this company emerged.

The primary objective of this startup is to explore and demonstrate their principle in the Netherlands with a sole focus on corporate data. By doing so, they want to enable a more effective exchange of company-related data or documents with and between data owners and data consumers.

The approach:
The company implements the solution with key players in their MVP market segment. These are applicants who own candidate information and recruiters along with flex agencies who need this data for successful matching. The ultimate goal is to lessen the administrative burden for both parties.

The second target market segment are all accounting firms, which need up-to-date information on all their clients in order to correctly deliver commercial organizational products and services.

The benefits:
All of the players in their ecosystem will benefit from the solutions this startup provides, as they will be able to comply with regulatory obligations through reduced administrative burden, time and cost savings. Simultaneously, the data provided by data owners to data consumers will remain, at all times, under the full control and consent of the companies involved, all in line with EU and Dutch data protection legislation.

The clients of this startup will realize time and cost savings through administrative efficiency as well as being able to offer companies a better quality of service. As a result, customers will benefit from a better functioning digital single market with enhanced customer satisfaction and an improved reputation in their specific markets.

Currently, the company has acquired its first paying customer. Once the client is connected to their service, the customer will pay €0.05 for each database field change in their CRM. There are 10 of these in the pipeline.

Business model:

  • App Subscriptions;
  • Paid API calls;
  • Data Feed services to CRM’s;
  • In-app advertisements.

Customer type:


Preferred investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist, strategic investors


  • No real competition;
  • Exponential idea;
  • 1-click data sharing without the need to install an app;
  • Simple and fast.
  • Data is the new oil, this company is only about data.

Capital amount needed:

€250.000,- up to €500.000,-

Investment need:

    • Marketing (40%);
    • Salaries & Development (40%);
    • Maintenance & Ops (15%);
    • Legal & Accountancy (5%).


    B2B Software, HR, Platform, Security, Zakelijke dienstverlening


    Early Growth

    Number of founders:


    Current number of employees:


    Experience founder:

    The first founder is a seasoned Agile Leaders, Agile/Lean/DevSecOps expert, advisor of world top companies ASML and CocaCola. He has over 35 years of experience and an extensive business network. 

    The other founder is a developer/cloud engineer with 5 years of experience. 

    Monthly turnover:


    Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


    Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


    Current monthly expenses:


    Additional information:

    Investment history of this company:

    €500.000,- by founders.
    €100.000,- by crowdfunding.

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