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21 oktober 2022

This company is building a mass metaverse-based social network platform that bridges 10.000 known existing web2 creators and their communities to metaverse & blockchain technology seamlessly (optional Mobile entry, spatial audio from AirPods, no-crypto touchpoint). They are the first social network that allows communities to bond by participating in various experiences, enjoying their favorite creator content together.

For creators: After buying the NFT-pegged digital land property of this company, through the SDK, they develop a digital venue or immersive experience that’s fully customized to their brand in 15 minutes. Then, they export an invitation link to their land property, add it to their social media BIOs, through the link channel their community members to their land property.

The creators can host up to 15K of their community members there at the same time. From the point of buying the land property NFT, all creators get access to 10 new revenue streams powered exclusively by the platform of this company.

For communities: After entering through Mobile phone (web/ app), computer/ VR, they create a hyper-realistic avatar version of themselves / enter as an NFT avatar from a brand that has partnered with this company. They communicate with others through crowd-spatial audio and use a private chat to communicate privately (they add their newly met friends to chat with them directly). All community members have >10K updated interesting experiences to enjoy whilst being on the platform of this company, each curated by individual creators, ensuring that retention by users is high.

Traction to date:

– Strategic Partner & $250K backing from Immutable X ($1.2M VC soft-commits from 9 VCs)

– Active membership of IPwe IP pool, LOI with Emote and Remaster 

– Confirmed partnerships with 11 NFT brands, VALACLAVA (worked with Gucci, DIOR, etc) (> 750K combined community members)

– Pending partnerships with 20 NFT brands with over 8.75M combined community members, 3 marketing agencies, and 7 talent management agencies (overseeing creators >30M combined community) ready to bulk-onboard 820 influencers to their platform. 

-In talks with Patron (tequila brand) and the Government of El Salvador about building a digital embassy and other digital experiences on their platform.

-Locked in: KuCoin, future fast track into Binance, Coinbase, Pending:, other Tier 1 launchpads 

Business model:

This company captures revenue through 2 methods. 

1. The first is primary and secondary NFT sales. Starting with memberships (Property NFT’s) and continuing with Unique Asset and other NFT collection releases and secondary sales, the ecosystem will ensure a stable inflow of capital throughout the year. 

2. Revenue from in-metaverse transaction commissions (7.5% from every transaction), in-website and in-metaverse advertising and product placement (for members only).

Both Community-to-Creator and Creator-to-Creator will be taxed, which also is done to ensure that the inflow of capital is captured and the ecosystem is developed even further.

Customer type:

B2B2C, B2C

Preferred investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist


General advantage: No metaverse platform on the market is targeting the creator economy, hence whilst other metaverses (Otherside, Decentraland, Sandbox) exist, they’re not creator economy purposed in any way. Specific Competitive Advantages

1. Host 10-15K people as hyper-realistic avatars in the same property simultaneously. This is possible as they’re building on Improbable’s M^2 Morpheus technology.

2. Hyper-realistic graphics, they are building on Unreal Engine 5 which enables them to have a hyper-realistic environment and hyper-realistic avatar use (MetaHumans).

3. Extending brands into the metaverse in seconds. They developed Seamless Modelling Software (SDK on top of Unreal Engine 5) allows creators to build out their property in minutes by allowing them to customise ready-made assets in bulk, choose from pre-made venues.

4. Channel communities to this venue in seconds. The link exporting feature allows you to export an invitation link to your property. You can then paste it into your Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Discord BIOs. Community members can access your venue through Mobile, Web and VR. Community members communicate through in-metaverse chat and spatial audio

5. Endless customisation in this Metaverse is built as a closed-world metaverse (there is no inter-spatial component between properties), meaning that each property is its separate entity. This allows the users to customise their properties:

– Physics

– Sky

– Physical landscape

– Horizon

– Sky

– Entry mode (paid/ private/ public/)

6. Seamless Partnering With Other Creators their closed-world setting allows creators to merge their properties and partner.

7. Gain Huge Exposure To Creator Content Communal areas will be available for booking by any of the 10,368 members to host public events. This project will promote events on all of their social media platforms, and possibly help members host the event with grant support and lower transaction commissions.

8. Creators can earn in 10+ different new ways exclusively available on their platforms.

9. Creator rewards 24% of the total supply of the token of this project which have been allocated towards creator and community rewards. These will be distributed to creators hitting various targets in engaging their communities and facilitating monetary transactions within their properties in this Metaverse. Powered by both the 92.5% commissions of all transactions that they capture and the relevant “Creator Rewards”, creators are incentivised to host day-to-day activities in their properties which leads to higher capital inflows in their treasury) and ensure that more of the token of this project is held by creators & influencers actively engaging their communities, rather than passive holders of the token of this project.

10. Revenue Distributions All funds (post-expenses) stay within the ecosystem. Capital is channeled to the bank of this company or project, which buys their core utility token off the market and then re-distributes it amongst all token stakers. The issued rewards will be calculated relative to the amount of this token that a user has staked and the amount of the token that they will have facilitated through their property. This is done to purposely reward active creators more than passive token stakers.

Capital amount needed:


Investment need:

  • Marketing: $850K
  • Development and salaries: $3.200k


Crypto/Blockchain, Media, Reclame & Communicatie



Number of founders:


Current number of employees:


Experience founders:

Combined this team has:
-Executed Go-To-Market strategies for 17 NFT projects;
-Digital marketing experience (20 years) and crypto marketing (7 years);
-Worked on one of their competitor metaverse projects (Ceek metaverse) and horizon forbidden west, gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation (which are relevant projects to what they are building in their graphical and gamification aspects);
-Direct contacts with all industry-leading crypto platforms, launchpads and KOLs;
-Direct contacts with NFT and WEB 3 leading influencers, celebrities and singers.

Monthly turnover:


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Current monthly expenses:


Committed funding:



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