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11 juli 2023

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SportTech, platform



We are revolutionizing the football industry by providing a transparent platform that connects players, coaches, and clubs worldwide. Our mission is to empower talent, eliminate intermediaries, and foster a fair and efficient transfer ecosystem.

We are proud to have already facilitated multiple successful transfers through our platform, demonstrating its potential and impact. Now, we are ready to take the next step and invite investors who share our vision and passion for transforming the football landscape.

If you believe in the power of transparency, equal opportunities, and the immense potential of the football industry, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. We offer a unique opportunity to be part of a game-changing platform that is reshaping how talent is discovered, nurtured, and connected.

At this moment the app is free to use. We have over 7000 Members. With a financial injection, we are able to upgrade our app and focus on marketing.

Business model:

  • Ads on the news feed. This platform has a very specific target audience, which is extremely interesting for sports companies such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, and New Balance. But also for companies that sell football articles.
  • Storing and selling data to third parties. (After year 2)
  • Premium accounts. (Unlimited messaging to other premium accounts / Viewing football CVs / Seeing who views your profile / More search options in the search engine, such as specific positions or coaching diplomas / You get a higher ranking in the search results)


We are the first social media platform for soccer players in the World.

Once we are relevant worldwide, we add other sports to our platform like Basketball and Hockey

Investment need:

  • App development: 250.000 EUR
  • Marketing and Operational costs: 500.000 EUR


Experience founder(s):

I have played soccer for 25 years, on a semi-pro level. So, I know that it is hard for players and clubs to find each other.

The Co-Founder is an entrepreneur specialized in e-commerce. With his 12 years experience is the business world he is a of great value to our team.

Also, we are cutting out the middlemen. Who do I mean with the middle-men? The Agents who have all the control at this moment.

Other relevant information:

Me and the Co-founder have invested around 125.000 EUR in our business.  We have an App that can be downloaded worldwide in the Apple and Google play stores.

After we reached 50.000 members, we will implement premium member accounts.


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SportTech, platform



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