Unique Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

7 december 2020

Beschrijving onderneming:

This company develops a video Game project for creating a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). There any many types of MMORPG’s, but none like this game. This design fills a niche in video games that is currently unoccupied. This is why the growing community of over fifty thousand fans say things like: ‘This is the game I’ve been waiting for my whole life’.

This game is a war, economy, government and political simulation game founded in the historical realism of the 18th century. It can be classified as a war, business and government simulation game. A historical re-enactment game. A Strategic and Tactical MMO. A 3D immersive historical perpetual sandbox MMORPG. A grand economic and warfare sim. 


Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games make up $56.9 billion of the game market, roughly around 40%. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG’s) are a separate category of MMO games, they allow a large numbers of gamers to play together and enable role-playing. The MMORPG market is worth approximately $38.8 billion with a consistent growth of over 8% per year. There are probably around 300 active worldwide MMORPG’s at the moment, as their user base increases and their lifetime is relatively long. A yearly revenue of a $100 million per year for a successful MMORPG is not an unusual thing.

Fanbase: The game has already 50.000 followers (community) for the game concept. These Followers support financially. The project has a large fan base as proof of concept.

Business Model:

Subscription model (after 3-year development phase)

Type klant:


Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor; Venture Capitalist

Benodigd Kapitaal:



€1,5 million, for developing/launching a pre-release project with earning capacity, and a community crowd funding campaign.





Aantal founders:


Aantal huidige werknemers:


Omzet (huidig):

Apart from community support there is no turnover yet.

Omzet (Prognose) komende 12 maanden:

No revenue until year 4, developing/building time game-project is 3 years (MMORPG = big project)

Reeds toegezegde financiering:

So far there are two gaming investment funds that are interested if a lead investor appears. T.w.v. 1.5 million. There is a publisher and investors who indicate that they are interested if the project is in a further phase (proto-type). T.w.v. 10 million.

Is er door de ondernemers reeds een investering opgehaald bij derden voor de betreffende onderneming?:

Fan community support, approx. €70.000 raised

Wordt er binnen 24 maanden nog een vervolginvestering verwacht?:

Yes. Depending on seed capital and project progress, several investment funds and publishers are interested.

Overige relevante informatie: 

It is important to realize that a (larger) game project has a long time-to-market. This is not a project where you earn back your investment within 3 years. The counterpart of this is that the gaming industry is very large and the return on investment is very high, provided that all risks of the long project duration have been overcome. As the project progresses it also becomes an increasingly interesting investment project.


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