Revolutionizing the piano world

28 juni 2021

Beschrijving onderneming:

Revolutionizing the piano world.

Everything in this world has evolved, yet the piano remained the same for over 100 years

Fragility – Because pianos are largely made from wood; a simple change in weather will deregulate and in the worst case even destroy them.
Transportability – Because of the considerable weight, size and fragility of pianos, pianists are the only musicians who cannot bring their own instrument to a concert.
Costs – Outdated production and maintenance methods based on manual labor means buying a piano is costly. Besides that the instruments need almost permanent regulation further increasing costs of ownership.
Ergonomics – Most professional pianists suffer from hand injuries of several types. This has to do with the “one size fits all” keys of the piano.
Quality – Today pianos are still made in the way piano builders made them a century ago. The quality that was achieved back then is however no longer achieved today. So, quality went down, while all the downsides from the piano remained.

The goal of this startup is to put the pianist in a better position. Their mission is to make the best piano possible. By using extensive research and push technology to the extreme they will be the first to build a real musical digital instrument.

The product
The product is modular so will consist of different modules:

  • Respons – the user interface or keyboard
  • Tendens – the soundmodule
  • Remote – will allow anyone to play from anywhere on your piano
  • Platform – The “app store” that will allows constant upgrades and mods

All groundbreaking technologies are proven
Working towards demo model
Build a small, but loyal fanbase
The startup gets a lot of interest but tries to keep it small as they are currently lacking resources to fulfill demand.
9 pre-orders placed and paid. Concert pianists and conservatoires already have placed their orders.
A dozen or so more people willing to buy now
Many more on the list to buy once the startup has a working demo model.


Business Model:

Direct sale of the piano’s and separate modules and a licensing model on the “appstore” of the diverse features and upgrades


Type klant:


Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor; Venture Capitalist

Wat onderscheidt jouw onderneming van anderen in jouw sector (USP’s)?:

This startup will build a modular, transportable digital piano that will outmatch any modern acoustic concert grand piano. 


Benodigd Kapitaal:




  • € 150.000,- for working demomodel and beta testing
  • € 500.000,- for go to market


Productie; Retail



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