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31 juli 2023

Capital required

€ 12.500,-

Monthly turnover

€ 3.000,-

Minimal ticketsize

€ 250,-


AI, Health, Leisure, Onderwijs, SaaS

Introducing our SaaS Platform, consisting of 9 unique modules, each representing a distinct business line with its own set of products and revenue generation strategies.

During the development phase, I worked diligently on each module independently, along with creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for testing purposes. Now, the primary focus is on leveraging our data-driven methodology to drive sales and marketing efforts effectively. This strategic step holds immense potential for increasing revenues, optimizing targeted marketing campaigns, and implementing an automated sales system.

For this purpose, I want to create a new smart app module, (#3, marketplace) to run the marketing campaigns, generate leads, implement data-driven tools and growth hacking method, and automated sales funnels.

The marketplace app serves as MODULE #3 within our comprehensive SaaS project. Our long-term plan involves interconnecting all the modules to provide our users with seamless access through a unified platform.

Currently, I am offering remote services and organizing pop-up Akademia sessions in the northern region of the Netherlands, along with a physical presence in Rhenen. As part of our promotional efforts, I have used banners, events online, meetups, demo sessions, e-learning subscriptions, which were successfully tested on Terschelling Island last month. These products cater to corporate clients, startups, organizations in transition, and even entrepreneurs facing challenges with their businesses, providing valuable solutions to various needs.

The other 8 modules of the SaaS have reached completion stages for 30% to 80%, for some the business system, tools, products, services, and MVPs have been tested successfully in the market and operate today only with an analog system (human specialist using tools). For other modules smart apps have been created, tested, and need upgrades, but have been integrated to services provided between 2019 and 2023. As the experience with products, customer profiling, communication, and business systems has been successful, my aim is now to complete the digital transition process and build an audience that joins a private space, our marketplace, and enjoys community services and promotional campaigns and benefits only for members or subscribers of the app. The Market Place app is our strategy to scale up.

Business model:

BUSINESS MODEL: Subscription Fee, Memberships, Leasing Digital Assets, Royalties, pay-per-user.
PRODUCT SaaS Digital Platform Assisted by A.I. and Human Specialists.
SCALING Within the platform, we facilitate training to multiplicators, affiliates, influencers, innovators, and entrepreneurs (to utilize our SaaS tools, products, services, modules, and content).
MARKETING: currently direct sales, events, and pop-up Akademia. SaaS will use data-driven marketing and automated sales assisted by AI.


  • Innovation & Purpose driven;
  • Data-driven diagnosis/prescription of therapeutical activities combined with sound & body movement sessions, assisted by A.I. and human specialists;
  • Accelerated holistic data-driven gamified learning methodology, to measure, predict, enhance, & optimize human performance;
  • Data-driven holistic entrepreneurial tools, systems & skills coaching-training;
  • Multidisciplinary knowledge: human emotions, awareness, consciousness, self-management, positive mindset, personal growth.

Investment need:

Our focus is to develop a smart app: market place, to convert leads (marketing campaigns) into users, subscriptions & memberships.
The tool will utilize a data-driven profiling system & growth hacking methods assisted by A.I. engine, to maximize revenue generation & optimize targeted marketing.
The profit generated with the tool will be used to develop the 9 modules planned for the SaaS platform. Modules status varies from 30% to. 80%, including design, app development, and systems already implemented.

Experience founder(s):

A multidisciplinary body of knowledge, with nature-inspired mathematics and algorithms, enables the creation of all content and innovations delivered by the SaaS platform. Research & development by the founder since 1993. Products/services provided with a human specialist (founder) & analog tools. Since 2019 digital cloud-based tools & Holistic data generation in order to educate Matrix-Q A.I.
Products have a maturity of 12 upgrades since 1993. 1000s of users with positive customers experience

Other relevant information:

The founder has done continuous investments since 1993, self-funded the research, development, field expeditions, pilot project, relocations, publications, and knowledge upgrades, through entrepreneurial activities, providing services as a coach, trainer, consultant, and innovator. Average total investment over 1 million €. Since 2016 over 100K € for the relocation to the Netherlands, business development, registration, permits, software development, tests, marketing, and product development.

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B2B and B2C


AI, Health, Leisure, Onderwijs, SaaS



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Number of current employees:


Number of founders:


Desired type of investor(s):

Angel Investor, Venture Capital, Private-Equity, Incubator-Accelerator, Strategic-Investor

Capital required:

€ 12.500,-

Committed funding:

€ 0,-

Minimal ticketsize:

€ 250,-

Monthly turnover:

€ 3.000,-

Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:

€ 60.000,-

Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:

€ 260.000,-

Monthly costs:

€ 1.200,-

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