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2 augustus 2020

We are creating a social fitness app that connects and challenge people to perform physical activity together or virtually with your friends! Fit Trail is where running and fitness come together in a fun and motivating way!


Fit Trail is a map based application that brings gamification to fitness, running and healthy social interaction in an easy to use platform.

Business Model

Fit Trail App, is the mobile application with a free and a premium version with extended features.

Fit Trail Series, is the racing event series.

Fit Trail Gear, is the sport apparel e-commerce platform.

Fit Trail Certification, is the certification of gyms and personal trainers.

Fit Trail is fully incorporated in the Netherlands and in Singapore.

The Team

Filipe Costa is a seasoned executive with hands-on experience in managing several billion-dollar energy projects. A people person always in the forefront of the latest technical developments and with strong analytical capabilities, he has delivered consistently complex projects in a multi-cultural environment. A keen sportsman with extensive global travel exposure, has identified a gap in the current mobile applications market and he is now willing to close that gap with this new project.

Satia Velez is an all-round manager with a strong aptitude to coordinate several distinct tasks throughout a multi discipline business. A detailed leader with an extended exposure to the development of intricate information management systems, he has successfully achieved and exceed the defined goals in his projects.

Together they have been creating and organizing events in the areas of outdoor adventure sports, youth summer camps, tournaments, music concerts, cultural activities and youth international exchanges. Bringing people together has been a passion and a catalytic of inspiration and change for many participants. This is what they aim to amplify in this new project.

Development Capital

Fit Trail is looking for a convertible loan of € 200,000 to invest in the app upgrade, in development of the premium app version, in hosting services, in branding and marketing to grow the users base.

Sales Forecast

Year 1: €115,000

Year 2: €839,000

Year 3: €4,270,000


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Private equity Private equity

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