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18 juli 2022

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This startup develops ground-breaking technology that enables wireless energy transfer by coupling Magnetic Resonance Technology (MRT) with Radio Frequency Technology (RF or RFT). This enables to power and/or charge electronic/electrical equipment wirelessly on air.

Achievements and Benefits to Users and Environment

The technology works now generally in low-wattage devices such as Wearables (e.g., Google glass), Hearables (hear aids), IoTs (communicative censoring receivers, tv remotes etc), IIoTs (e.g., Electronic Shelf Etiguettes)

TRL 7-8 benchmarked 3 use-cases are available: 1- Communicative censoring electricity receiver and data collector & sender (e.g., as a smart city solution, or cold stores condition monitoring solution), 2- Electronic Shelf Etiquettes (ESE) for the malls, groceries and store sellers and, 3-  Eyewares e.g., virtal glasses’ receiving module.

It will work very soon in Mid-Wattage devices (e.g., in mobiles, laptops, floor lamps, hair dryers, speakers, pacemakers, eBikes etc.) as well. In that category their deep-tech is currently benchmarked on the TRL 4.

And, on their draw-board are also High-Wattage devices e.g., washing machines, ovens, vacuum cleaners as well. These works are currently benchmarked TRL 1-2.

Not last but least the startup works on other use-cases beneficial to the environment and to the people enormously: e.g., on-air energized AA and AAA batteries, or on batteries with super-capacitors inside and being charged on-air, or on floor lamps, or on speakers moving freely in the room independent of the cables and sockets – just to name some of the use-cases on which the startup currently works enthusiastically.)

All in all, this will:

  • Remove chargers per device;
  • Make cables and sockets unnecessary;
  • Deliver spatial freedom feeding or charging on-air and if needed;
  • Add data transfer combined with powering.
    • Reduce potential waste (batteries, cables, chargers).
  • Reduce device care and grant to devices longer lives by not less than 20% more uptime capacity reducing significantly uptime cost.





The Startup




 No need



MagSafe (conductive uploader)


Cover case







52-80% (excl. cover case 100%)

95%, (remaining 5% to re-use by collection)

Spatial freedom

1 m

30 m



wireless devices

Start & Planned Milestones

  • The Startup has been registered in between as company on 4/4/2022 and the Patent registration planned in 09/22;
  • From POP to POC: 09/22 -12/22 (Proof of Product and Proof of Concept, i.e. the product is working and ready for serial production and sales);
  • Already developed wireless Electronic Shelf Etiquette (ESE) charging and remote data transferring to ESE Display showing goodsdata and price to customers (for Malls and Groceries), Communicative Censoring Receiver collecting, sending data whilst receiving electricity wirelessly on-air; Energizing Smart Eyewear (e.g. for Google glass) and Hearingaid.
  • Currently developing wireless mobile phone charging in case; e-bike charging; all-round Transmitter sending electricity to all devices in an office or home environment on-air (like a Wi-Fi internet modem); AA and AAA battery solutions; and replacement for charging AA and AAA batterie with an implemented super cap remotely
  • Start certification process for the health sector (pacemaker), hearing devices, eyewear and other electronics in several development stages (from TRL 1 to 4)
  • Start Crowdfunding 09/22
  • Investigate and plan future market 12/22; Start sales of the developed devices 09/22, find & test the manufactures 09/22 – 01/23; Sales and production 02/22 based on ready POC’s
  • Start to sell ready-to-use products (e.g., Electronic Shelf Etiquettes) for malls, groceries. ESE shows on a tiny display the product data, remotely placed on-air by the transmitter feeding simultaneously the ESE-display not only with energy but also with data.

Customers & Market

There are no customers yet but the crowdfunding campaign will enable the first sales (Mobile phone energizing case wirelessly on-air). The market size is remarkably big (related data will available shortly in BP).

The startup sees that the potential market is available for their first phase (marketing starts for the Low- and Mid-Wattage devices). Their ready to use technology will enable the manufacturer to implement charging and feeding energy receiving capabilities into their productions). This means the startup has to focus on the manufactures of charging devices for:

  • E-bikes;
  • mobile phones;
  • batteries;
  • earbuds;
  • computer mouses;
  • keyboards;
  • portable computers, speakers, lamps and hospital equipment;
  • the base units of office spaces;
  • home installations;
  • public domain;
  • cars;
  • telco’s;
  • IOT;
  • And much more..

The startup sure realizes the very availability for their on-air energizing mobile phone charging case to start the marketing with. Nevertheless, on the B2C side they keep in mind that the electro-device-manufacturers, brand-sellers are all cardinally important market players. Telcos, GSM operating-and-production companies, E-bike producers, chains of malls and online-sellers among many others are all bearing marvelous potential for their sales.

Traction on the market to date

  • For ESE 3 Grocery and 2 Fashion chains signal already interest
  • With the communicative censoring, which has Smart City capacities with the ability transacting permanent measurement of weather temp, humidity, illumination, traffic intensity whilst being fed with energy permanently on air – and expandable with 30 additional applications-, there are two meeting planned with 2 cities
  • Currently the company is involved technologically to develop the solutions mentioned above with the whole team engaged full power
  • BP and Financials are in production
  • We have a meeting ahead with a hardware producer regarding opening a production facility in NL. For the hardware production they will probably choose a partner with available resources for the start serials (<10.000 pcs.).

Business model:

  • They will currently work at B2B-marketing for the a.m. products (ESE and Communicative Censoring) and, at B2C theu plan to market products like on-air energizing Mobile phone cases, wearables, IOTs to start with.
  • It is not planned to work with tech giants due their competitor potential (e.g., Apple, Samsung). The company rather weighs, later on, after a more settled composure reached, to work with Bigs who doesn’t maintain own tech-development.
  • Their prevailing tendency is to work in and from the Netherlands -provided investor availability-, adding economic activities that production can add to export capacity.
  • Licensing is not in the planned model yet.
  • To generate income by delivering wireless energy products at +15 – 20% above traditional products (charger, cable, iQ pad, energizing case) is the Company’s plan.
  • The target general cost-side shall be at least -20 % or less than the traditional devices with uptime cost-side and extra care necessities at the devices calculated comprehensively.

Customer type:

First target group is believed

  • on the B2B side: private users (Mobile phone users)
  • on the B2C side: Industrial users (ESE users e.g., groceries, malls) and probably as well the producers of Eye ware with embedded virtual world and/or internet capacities.

Preferable investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist, Funds, Public Innovation Development Organisations


Transferring the electricity on-air wirelessly to devices to feed or charge them with energy and corollary get rid million tons of cables, adapters, sockets and batteries worldwide will save significantly depleting world resources. The user will enjoy spatial true freedom and significant financial benefits by less spending for its devices to charge the devices and granting longer uptime them.

Capital amount needed:

€1.250.000 (for the phase 1 lasting until 6/2023)

Investment need:

The investment will be used for the phase POC of further use-cases, set-up of the company, team-movement to the company place as well as among other usual positions, as shown below.

  • Staffing €600.000,-;
  • Workplaces (lab) €200.000,-;
  • Technical devices €200.000,-;
  • Development cost €200.000,-;
  • Usual company expenses €50.000,-.


    Deep Tech, Mobility, Energy



    Number of founders:


    Current number of employees:


    Experience founder:

    The founder invented 2000 G codecs for VOIP deleting delay in voice transmission in internet telephony and founded the com-portal (now, belonging Deutsche Post).

    Founder has a partner from NL, who is well skilled in Business Development and Organization. The team is consisting of 7 people currently: electronic-, energy-,machine-&mechanics engineers with MBA, economists (with MBA and PhD) and technical assistant, and has been setup ca. 4 years ago and now working out of 3 countries currently being in need to be compounded on one place after the offices, accamodations & lab have been made available.

    Monthly turnover (current):


    Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:

    €1.000.000,- (Starting)

    Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


    Current monthly expenses:


    Other relevant information:

    Invested funds in the project: 3,8 M euros.

    Start date of the project: 3 years 9 month (as per July 2022).

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