The future of remote working

1 juni 2021

Beschrijving onderneming:

This startup is the future of remote working (hybrid working model). A model that enables employees to work from anywhere.

The startup offers a hassle-free and time saving work space marketplace, where you can find affordable and limitless work spaces without any binding agreements to individuals. With this new movement post Covid, they create the optimal workplace cultures for company teams / individuals / sole traders.


Business Model:

Licensing model, Commission per booking and marketing activities through the platform.


Type klant:

B2B & B2C

Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor; Venture Capitalist

Wat onderscheidt jouw onderneming van anderen in jouw sector (USP’s)?:

The team behind this startup has extensive experience in building companies and knowledge in the areas of finance, marketing, PR, Sales, Business Development and software development.

All current platforms focus on freelance and small entrepreneurs. This startup brings B2B and available workplaces together. They will mainly focus on companies that are going to restructure to a hybrid work model. They offer the solution for their employees to find nearby workplaces that they can use alone or with a team.  Many companies are seen to invest in creating a nice workplace at employees’ homes, but research has shown that due to isolation and monotony, this is not the perfect solution. Companies can now choose to invest in this startup; create successful workspace cultures.


Benodigd Kapitaal:




Development €30.000 en marketing €25.000



B2B Software; B2C Software



Aantal founders:


Aantal huidige werknemers:


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Omzet (Prognose) komende 12 maanden:



Omzet (Prognose) maand 13 – 24:


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