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1 juli 2022

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This is a sustainable fast-food company. They are building a sustainable and healthier version at a triple A location of the yellow M and that other king. The startup believes that the essence of fast food contains the building blocks for a successful formula that gets the masses to switch to plant-based and healthier consumption.

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So they are simply realizing the next fast-food chain.

The company does this by copying what already works well and improving what needs to be improved. They have great exclusive recipes, a great brand, but most of all it is the people behind (the company) that make the difference. The startup will open its first restaurant, which they call Bases, in mid 2023. After that, the company wants to increase the number of bases tenfold within five years, growing to a total of 100 locations in 10 years’ time.

The goal is to bring plant-based from niche to mainstream in the best possible way: quick, affordable and consistent.

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Business model:

The firm sells directly to customers through their own physical restaurants. First location is a triple A location in the city center of Rotterdam (opening mid 2023). 

The company has a very healthy margin (i.e., 67% in the first year and growing afterwards) on products and is turning green numbers right from the opening of the first restaurant. All numbers including P&L, cash flow etc. are available upon request.

Customer type / profile:


Preferable investor type:

Angel Investor; Venture Capitalist


  • Exclusive recipes
  • Unique scalable formula
  • A strong (internationalized) brand
  • IP kitchen system and mobile app
  • Individually financial healthy restaurants
  • A highly transformative market with annual double-digit growth.
  • Growth plan to 100 restaurants in 10 years
  • Pool of talented and appreciated people
  • Invest early, get maximum return.

Capital amount needed:

€350.000,- (minimal ticket size: €50.000,- for lead investor: €250.000,-)

Investment need:

– Inventory 50%
– R&D 24%
– Personnel 11%
– Brand 6%
– Operational 3%
– Other 6%


Food; Health; Horeca; ICT; Agri



Number of founders:


Current number of employees:



Founder 1 was born in Almere (The Netherlands) and is a self-made entrepreneur. At the age of 16 he started his own company in the events industry and ever since has held various leadership roles in a variety of projects and enterprises where success and position were never taken for granted. At school he was able to climb up through self-study from practical training KBL at the VMBO to a completed Bachelor Commercial Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Founder 1 is educated in corporate identity design, business administration and leadership. He is specialized in set-up new corporate strategies, improving the corporate design and creating new innovative products.

Founder 2 was born in Iskenderun-Hatay (Turkey) and moved to the Netherlands with his family at the age of two. He moved up in his school years from KBL, VMBO to completing his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam with a clear goal in mind; to work at a large international technology company. Through self-development and hard work Founder 2 has become a respected Business Manager in the IT industry. Over the years he has gained special knowledge in building a rock-solid team with an eye for the individual. With special attention on enabling personal growth and creativity. In addition, he is committed to sustainable entrepreneurship by creating building blocks for strategic business development.

Monthly turnover (current):


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Current monthly expenses:


Investments previously made:

€150.000,- invested by business angels

Additional information:

This startup is looking for additional investors (ticket size min. €50K) and a lead investor (ticket size min. €250K).

Founders invested €250.000, – (in-kind) and €10.000 cash.

Partners invested €75.000, – (in-kind).

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