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31 augustus 2020

We are Dutch company OPT/NET BV., we deliver AI as a Service in a unique way. Out patented hybrid AI, does not need any labeling, the AI models the situation and then creates labels itself. This makes that it ‘out of the box’ start delivering results, and in particular in situation where you need a timely answer, we can can do this in near real-time. The second part of the AI, is where we integrate expert domain knowledge, through our knowledge packs. In principal this approach can work in any domain but we have been focussing on critical infrastructures both in IT or in the physical world through spatial SAR data analysis from satellites, in combination with sensor data (IoT). Please check out our website : www.opt-net.nl. If you like to know more we are pleased to have an introduction call.

Required capital:

Round A 2021.


B2B software

Company phase:


Investment breakdown:

International expansion.

Number of founders:


Number of employees:


Additional information

We will provide detailed information on request.


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