AI Powered Cricket Platform

21 oktober 2020

Company info:

460 Million people play cricket across the world and a cricket player spends on average $500 on coaching and equipments every year. 

Cricket at the highest levels evolved a lot in the past decade but not coaching methodologies leading to boring and repetitive trainings. The current problem is that there is a lack of proper tools to help coaches, players do not get the support they need and parents are left out of the development process. This company is on a mission to reinvent cricket coaching using AI. 

They developed an AI powered digital platform packed with smart coaching tools, tracking tools & provides access to top coaches across the world.

Required capital:

€ 500.000


B2C-Software; B2B-Software

Phase of the organization:


Investment uses:

• 200K- AI & Deep Learning
• 125K – Club, Team and Athlete management
• 175K – Media campaigns, Sponsorships, etc.

Number of founders:


Number of employees:


Legal structure:

Registered as a BV in the Netherlands.

Ideal investor specs:

Informal investor; Private equity

Investor that is passionate about sports and technology, especially cricket. Experience in growing a SaaS business.

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