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2 augustus 2020

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Fundraising for ‘Soolutions’ a company that offers automated, personalised and independent support for an optimised turnkey charging solution.


Already 203 thousand electric cars were sold up until end of 2019 in The Netherlands. This means 14,9 percent of all new cars were electric in that year. This is still a small percentage of what is needed to meet climate goals. Adoption of EV’s is partly inhibited by charging anxiety. There is too little information for buyers of new cars and there is little to no personal advice on how to acquire access to your personalised EV charging needs. In other words, the missing link in the electric driving chain is the provision of information, advise and execution for both consumer and for businesses. Soolutions offers automated, personalised and independent support for an optimised turnkey charging solution.

Soolutions has been offering this support for several years via its web shop for EV charging products. They expect to have about 2.500 individual customers this year, resulting in a revenue of €1.16 million, a growth of 380% YoY. With a proven sales track record, well organised supply chain, fulfilment and support services, it has rolled out a new service with a total package for charging infrastructure. Including home charging stations, installation and solutions for out-of- home charging situations.
The turnkey solutions are provided via an independent network of installers and suppliers bundled with a simple online configurator for consumers. They help the EV driver to get informed, find the right products and provide turnkey execution for home, public and workplace charging. Their partner program for installers, suppliers, businesses and EV services providers creates a scalable platform ready for international expansion and other markets.

Huidige bedrijfssituatie

Our main value is created via our consumer and partner services. By bundling our partner services with our easy to use online tools we generate litte bits of value and revenue for all our eco system users. In 2019 we have spend a lot of our efforts in the development of our new Soolutions platform and we were still able to establish a 50% revenu increase in 2019. With the launch of our Charge Configurator and Partner Program we expect to ramp up our sales and marketshare.

Our next focus will be on our Partner Program and extending our network of Supplier, Installers and Enterprise partner while growing our consumer base and services. Our main goal is to generate a network effect with the Partners Program allowing us to create consumer value in the middle.

We cover and ship to 33 EU countries, we are visited more than 700 times per day, we have contracted 4 installation partners with national coverage, we sell more than 500 different products and we contracted products from 5 Supplier Partners and still growing.


Key investment considerations
• Innovative business model in a fast growing and new market
• Proven track record in selling comparable products in several European markets
• Easily scalable internationally
• Strong, committed and scalable team

Fund Raising
Soolutions is now scaling up with the development of the new platform. The development and roll out of the new platform require funding. Soolutions is looking for a convertibale loan for € 400.000 to enable the growth, to be closed in Q2 2020. In return we will offer a 6% intrest rate and 15% conversion bonus for our equity round planned in 2021.

Doelbedrag: € 400.000,-

Investor Match
Contactpersoon: Koen Ferket

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