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Monthly turnover

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E-Commerce, Food, Health



This is an “exclusive agent” venture to manufacture and market Dutch beauty products and special nutritional and herbal supplements for privately owned brands. To attract consumers and the market to our products, digital marketing, online sales campaigns, Google search engines and social media will be used in the early stages. In the second phase, we will sell to major distributors such as Kruidvat, Hema, Etos and supermarkets (e.g. Jumbo, Albert Heijn, etc.) and offer 100% cash paid bonuses.

The project contributes to finding solutions and providing products beneficial to public health. They are rarely available in the market because the products are innovative ideas of the company.

The target market consists of males and females from the age groups above 18 to 60 years. We rely on very aggressive advertising, high-tech methods and high rewards, which are provided on a cash basis. The products will be in the form of pills, lipstick, shampoo and gum.

During the manufacturing period we can start our mouth-watering advertising campaigns to take our market share before we even start. Our area of ​​operations will be the Netherlands initially, and then in further stages, we will expand our area of ​​operations to include the European Union. region.

The formulations of some of these items have previously become famous in Jordan, with more than 300 pharmacies present in 2019. Our establishment date in the Netherlands is 02/01/2023.

Business model:

  • Income via our common webshop, and
  • Subscription form
  • Income from deals through third parties: supermarkets, festivals, sports clubs, etc
  • profit margin of 50% to 70% per product.


Our products consist of new ideas that are not well known in the local markets, and we can develop them to be up to date to serve the need of the consumers.

Preferred Co-founder / Partner:

Online Sales

Expectations of the new co-founder/partner:
We are looking for a partner/co-founder that can assist in online digital sales for the products under the our brands .


-Little competition
-B2C market is open
-First dietary supplements in the Netherlands
-Good purchasing price of our products compared to market other products (competition)

Investment need:

Approximate numbers:

€50,000 – Manufacturing costs
€8,000 – Branding and installation costs
€2.000 – Warehouse rental fee
€10,000 – E-commerce website
€35,000 – Costs for online digital sales campaigns for one year
Total 105 thousand

Experience founder(s):

We previously worked in Jordan from 2014 until 2019 for similar items and were famous throughout the country.

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B2B and B2C


E-Commerce, Food, Health



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