The construction sector has struggled for a long time with a significant number of structural problems and built-in inefficiencies. Due to insufficient cooperation between contractors, output quality is often low, failure costs are high, and work completed is often disjointed.
All these factors contribute negatively to results and impact on the overall time taken to complete a project.

o Data management and analysis is grossly insufficient for construction work in the circular economy. It often falls well short of the standards set out in the Quality Assurance Act, causing breakdowns in maintenance, and major disruptions in service delivery.
o Quality and speed of construction is low, and standards are frequently not consistent.
o If the main contractor goes bankrupt, this causes significant disruption to the entire project.
o Prolonged payment periods makes subcontractors much more likely to go bankrupt.

Any solution must be implemented across multiple levels, and should connect the
related processes in an integrated, intuitive, and coherent way. It should enable
better communication, faster working process, and guarantee accessibility of funds.

Construction Handshake can fulfill all these requirements using material passport data, physical data chips, smart contracts, and a transparent and accountable subcontractor evaluation process

o Fast, instantly verifiable information transference and logging, from manufacturing stage up to demolition.
o Fosters better cooperation and working practices among workers on the construction site.
o Disconnects cash flow from contract accountability, freeing up project funds and
reducing risk of bankruptcies.

Platform status

o Marketing website
o Functional design
o Android demo application
o MVP web based with Fabric HyperLedger
to do
o Further development platform / app
o Pilot project

1 Material numbers are integrated in the 3D-model and building elements.
2 RFID chip or QR-code is scanned when building elements arrive at the
construction site. Easy check-in and stored at predetermined location.
3 Handover from subcontractor to main contractor of finished building
elements. Photos are being added and a score for the work is given.
4 When doing maintenance or demolition the location of the RFID chips or
QR-codes can be found in the 3D-model. Maintenance information can
be added here.

Construction Handshake

• Smart contracts are drawn up between the same parties just like traditional projects.
• Money flow directly from banking investor to all parties. Financial information can be classified.

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