Next generation Esports

2 augustus 2020

The next generation Esport – compete, win and earn. A gaming career at any skill level. eBrawl is an eSports platform where players of any skill level can compete for money against other players of similar skill levels. Instead of playing tournaments that last for days, eBrawl focuses on distributing rewards after every match.

Currently, earning money by playing games is only limited to the top players, we want to change that. There is a huge market for competitive gaming, and a vast majority of gamers that play competitive games like League of Legends play ‘ranked’ games where they can gain a better title for their profile. We want to allow people to play in a similar style, however, as rewards they can win money from the pot. Similar to poker, each player puts in a set amount, and the winning team takes the pot (minus a cut for eBrawl). In games where there are 100 players (Battle Royale games), there will not be one person who takes the entire pot, instead, the pot will be distributed based on the players ranking, allowing many to breakeven or profit.

eBrawl is looking for an investment of €700,000,- for 30% share in the company.

With this investment – for outsourcing, speeding up production and marketing – eBrawl expects to be able to go live (after alpha and beta testing).

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