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13 mei 2020

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Het eerste, beste en meest gebruikersvriendelijke digitale platform voor vastgoed & facility management ter wereld is op zoek naar een investeerder.


We are a start-up company and our goal is to bring simplicity into the Real Estate and Facility Management Market


Everything we do, we believe to disrupt the status quo.

We believe in thinking beyond.

If you want to have total control over every aspect of your Real Estate and Facility Management, we do have the platform for you.

Our Mission

Simplification By Digitalisation


We offer the first, best and most user friendly integrated digital adoption platform for Real Estate & Facility Management in the world.

We are driven to:

  • Simplify your user experience and transform your Real Estate & Facility Services
  • Creating a Global operating model and organisational environment
  • Serve wherever and where flexibility is needed
  • Giving you full control over your Real Estate and Facilities Organisation



To Know

  • We are experts
  • We know our clients and their business
  • We succeed through a spirit of excellent service, exceeding the core requirements of our industry
  • We always seek to innovate our services and invest in our people

To Trust

  • We are respectful
  • We value our relationships and treat people well
  • We conduct business with integrity
  • We are open and straightforward

To Strive for perfection

  • We always seek to improve and innovate
  • We are pro-active and responsible


  • Our goal is to drive our business with a small high performing team located in The Netherlands and manage the business at max with our technology. By focussing on the technology, we also work closely together with High Performing partners worldwide and are therefore flexible in our service delivery.
  • According to our conservative estimates, GRIT is expected to maintain a healthy financial position over the next five years. The business will be initially financed by a € 3 million capital investment. 
  • The source to repay the investment will be the cash flow generated from operations. The company will also finance further growth by its annual cash flows. We expect to be profitable in the first year of operations. In 2025 expected revenues 63Mln

Please contact us for more information and a detailed business plan.

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