Fan engagement through digital merchandise

28 december 2022

The platform that increases fan engagement and generates revenues for the sports and entertainment industry with digital merchandise.

The importance for consumers to identify themselves online is rapidly increasing. This company thrives to enable this transition with their cross-platform marketplace for digital merchandise. Within this marketplace they will add multiple products for consumers to brand and identify themselves online.

Product description:
Currently, they have developed their own fan stickers. Fans love their stars. The digital fan stickers create more brand awareness and give clubs, teams, athletes, and brands the opportunity to monetize their popularity at the same time. The fans want to show who they are. The software of this startup is the personal keyboard tool that allows them to add their favorite icon stickers into their own social media interactions.

Next development project; Selfie stickers:
With their A.I. technology, the consumer can easily transform their pictures into digital stickers. Within the platform, the consumer creates, edits, and thematizes their stickers within a subscription model.

Consumers can use the stickers on their social media channels and chat apps with the cross-platform integrated keyboard.

Target audience:
The customers of this company are people that want to identify themselves online with their favorite fans, clubs, brands, or even with their own creations. The target audience is most commonly between 10-30 years old (Gen Z) and drives the digital transition from Web2 to Web3.

General information:
– Founded in 2021;
– Pre-revenue;
– Raised $275k till date;
– Current focus is a pre-seed investment round (€500k);

What they achieved so far:
– Stars, clubs, and brands are highly interested as partners (250+ outstanding offers)
– Market is proven by individual stars like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian
– Developed the beta version of the app which is live and working
– 11 stars/partners signed which are ready to launch with a total following of over 41M followers

Objectives for this round:
– Leadtime of 6 months
– Launching first 11 partners
– Finetuning the platform
– Start building a strong brand.
– Ready ourselves for the Seed investment for Q3 2023


Business model:

Marketplace/platform/single buy/subscription

Their current products are one-time buy stickers packs. Sales are going to be driven by the social media channels of their partners (stars) with a minimum following of 1 million on their biggest channel.

For future products they are using subscription models for consumers to join the platform and brand themselves on their own social media channels.


Customer type / profile:



Preferable investor type:

Angel Investor, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Strategische Investeerder



  • They thrive to excel by building the marketplace with everyone’s favorite exclusive content to, as a consumer, identify yourself cross-platform on social media. This will be the next generation’s online identification tool.
  • This is going to be the first global cross-platform with digital (fan) stickers. With their integrated keyboard fans can use the digital stickers on all of their social media channels and within their chat apps
  • Stars are using this platform to convert millions of followers to profitable fans. Therefore, they receive access to highly followed accounts without minimum guarantees or pre-payments because they will bring tools for stars to build their brands and increase fan engagement.


Capital amount needed:

€500.000,- (Minimal ticket size: €100k)


Investment need:

  • 52% Marketing & partnerships
  • 31% R&D
  • 17% Overhead and data



B2C Software, Marketing, Media, Reclame en Communicatie





Number of founders:



Current number of employees:



Experience founder(s):

– 3 founders with a tech, finance, marketing, start-up, and business development background
– 2 additional partners with backgrounds in the legal and tech industry
– 2 advisors from the sports and entertainment industry
– Additional highly skilled team members such as creative directors who used to work for Addidas and tech developpers

Equals to;
50+ years of management experience
30+ years of tech experience
50+ years of industry know-how


Monthly turnover (current):



Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:



Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:



Current monthly expenses:



Other relevant information:

In May 2021 the company raised their first investment of €275k. This was done by a crypto currency exchange platform based in The Netherlands. The initial investment was made to build the beta version of the app and to start the first partnerships with partners.

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