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2 mei 2022

This company is a Dutch based B2B2C Mobilty Tech Platform, established in 2018 seeking for a growth investment of €1,75M to speed up software developments and further market the product. The company went live just before COVID hit in 2020 and used 2020 and 2021 to launch the MVP and further platform developments.

The company offers travellers multimodal travel options such as flights, train, bus and taxi tickets managed in one single booking. The company will contribute to better connectivity between major cities in Europe by reducing the number of short-distance flight movements. The company therefore will actively contribute to CO2 reduction.

The company has the aspiration of becoming a globally leading virtual interlining-platform. The company inhouse developed a high tech software system according to the latest IATA standards to connect with airlines, online travel agencies and other relevant stakeholders. Travellers can manage a booking in an app developed by the company. 

The management already invested > €1M in  platform developments (total investment currently > €2M). Due to the large TAM and the contracts with the GDS partners, airlines and other large transportation companies the company has a high growth potential.

In between the Delta variant and the Omicron variant the company managed to reach a monthly turnover of €91K (Oct 2021). 

Since then, multiple additional contracts have been signed and several integrations with partners have been developed. The company went live with these integrations in April 2022. For April 2022, the projected monthly turnover is: €90K. The projected monthly turnover May 2022: €256K.


Business model:

There are four revenue groups (ranked from largest revenue share to smallest) for this company:

1. Interline tickets;

2. Virtual interlining;

3. E-commerce (B2C);

4. E-commerce (B2T: Travel Agent Portal).

A new turnover group in the future will also be issuance of software licenses (expected early 2024).


Customer type:



Prefered investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist


  • The company holds an own IATA Airline code;
  • Signed contracts with the largest GDS/Airlines/Transportation Companies;
  • Highly scalable Microservice architecture;
  • IATA Clearing House Member;
  • Fleet of > 36K seats;
  • High contribution and EBITDA margins due to high IT integrations with ticket resellers;
  • Political pressure for replacing short-distance flights with surface transportation for decreasing CO2 emissions;
  • High demand by airliners for decreasing passenger transportation costs through cheaper interlining partnerships;
  • Multiple profitable revenue streams.


Capital amount needed:

€ 1.750.000


Investment need:

10% IATA ICH & GoStandard, 6% BSP deposits, 11% GDS Integrations, 14% Short-term liabilities and corona support, 59% App and website/agent travel portal/PSS development.



B2B Software, B2C Software, Deep Tech, Mobility, Travel, Platform, Impact



Series A


Number of founders:



Current number of employees:




The total team is currently consisting of +/- 30 people and has a very experienced advisory board in place.

Management team exist of a CEO with a background in PE & business development with a specialization in travel companies.The COO (equity holder), CTO (equity holder) are experienced high skilled proffesionals. The  finance manager is experienced and has a big 4 background.


Monthly turnover:

€ 90.000 (April 2022)

Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:

€ 6.420.000

Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:

€ 32.012.000

Currentr monthly costs:

Approx. € 190.000

Commited funding:

The company currently has received a termsheet of 500K.



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