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19 november 2020

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World’s first match-making platform for association events that helps associations, destinations and venues find each other directly.

The platform revolutionizes the way associations structure their tender process, by introducing a data-driven city-matching tool. This new approach enables guided and fast decision-making on board level and helps to establish a transparent tender process.

Associations, venues and destinations need each other to organize conferences, but they have no way of finding each other easily. Smaller associations do not have resources to conduct a thorough research into destinations and venues that meet all their needs. On the other hand, destinations and venues don’t have easy access to the market of smaller association events, which would help with long-term booking. This company solves both of the problems with its match-making and benchmarking tools.

Market: In the initial stage the market of association events is targeted. Events, organized by associations consitute 2% of the total events market. Association events are a stable and predictable niche as they are not easily affected by macro-economic circumstances. Even in the times of pandemic, associations go ahead with events, albeit in hybrid or virtual form.


There are three revenue streams

  • Associations: Pay per tender
  • Cities: Annual subscription
  • Venues: Annual subscription + success fee per won tender

Benodigd Kapitaal:


Gewenst type investeerder:

Angel investor 

Gewenste eigenschappen / competenties die je zoekt in een investeerder:

Network, Knowledge of marketplace/SaaS


Platform; Zakelijke dienstverlening

In welke fase bevindt de organisatie zich?:

Early Growth

Omzet (Historisch & Prognose): 

Currently €9.500 realized turnover (3 paying customers)

Forecast: Year 1 €155.000, Year 2 €640.000, Year 3 €2.200.000


With some small adjustments, the platform can integrate hybrid events as well and become the leading market place for event organizers that are looking for destinations and venues that meet all their criteria. In order to be ready when event organizers are getting back to the planning of (hybrid) events the company will need the €250.000 in order to make the platform ready and invest in sales and marketing to be top of mind.

Aantal founders:

Aantal werknemers:


Overige relevante informatie:

Launched on June 3rd, currently 42 cities have a free profile and 3 are paying, 10 associations have signed up and are already benchmarking. In conversation to put out a specific tender.

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