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2 augustus 2020

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Phuza is a free to download app, built to maximize your e-Commerce conversions, decrease customer acquisition costs and ensure every online sale is profitable.


Phuza is a mobile app business based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Since 2019, we’ve been building a mobile app product that solves 3 core problems with e-Commerce:

1. How to increase conversions & decrease customer acquisition costs.
2. How to use Business Intelligence and Analytics to sell every product profitably.
3. How to help consumers save money but continue spending no matter the economic climate.

Our next step is to build an automated self-service platform which will enable hyper-growth and the ability to attract 1.000 e-Commerce customers and 250k App Users in 12 months.

Huidige bedrijfssituatie

The idea for Phuza was developed after Wade (Founder) spent the last 9 years working in the e-Commerce and Digital advertising industry with brands, media agencies and tech partners.

He noticed a common trend:

e-Commerce companies can’t convert their online visitors into customers.

• Driving traffic online using marketing platforms is expensive and doesn’t guarantee sales.
• Low website conversion rates mean approximately 98% of e-Commerce webshop visitors do not purchase.
• No easy way exists to convert customers when they are considering making a purchase.
• Building Business Intelligence to fix these problems is expensive and most can’t hire Data Scientists.

The Phuza app platform is built to tackle these key issues.

The app is available on the App Store & Google Play and currently has ±200 e-Commerce companies waiting to integrate.


Raising €150.000 in the form of direct equity or a convertible note.

This investment will fund 12-18 months of business growth:

• Build an automated self-service platform, develop video product, integrate with GDS systems 25%
• Drive 250k app users and 1.000 e-Commerce company customers. 50%
• Hire key talent to deliver sales growth and unlock travel industry opportunity. 20%
• Operations. 5%

Doelbedrag: € 150.000,-

Investor Match
Contactpersoon: Koen Ferket

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