Mobile app for wintersport holidays

13 augustus 2020

Piste Guys is a mobile app for winter-sport holidays. 

Our app helps customers, brands and hotels:

  • Customers save when they’re buying products or booking accommodation for their next ski holiday.
  • Ski and snowboard brands sell more by promoting their products to the exact people that are looking to make a purchase.
  • Hotels get direct bookings via the app to reduce their Online Travel Agent commission.

Most importantly, we charge all 3 an annual subscription or license fee.

Our goal for the next 12 months is to grow to 500k app users, 200 brand partnerships and +2.000 hotel registrations.

Capital needed:


We are raising financing to help supercharge our app user acquisition and grow to 100,000 paying app customers.

It currently costs just under €2 to get a new app user that will provide us €50 to €100 in revenue each year.

This investment will help us hire a media agency to speed up app installs, reduce the acquisition cost to under €1 and increase our profit margins.


Early growth


ICT and Travel

Number of founders:


Number of employees: 


piste guys / private equity
Piste Guys investment

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