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2 augustus 2020

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Football development player platform, to create deep insights into youth football talent’s development, using AI, Machine Vision and sensor-tech, seeking seed capital.

Company description:

The company is building a platform to create deep insights into youth football talent’s development, using AI, Machine Vision and sensor-tech.

The company has been working with leading Dutch football club AJAX to release its MVP in September 2020. In addition they are in conversations with
multiple Champions League level football clubs. Also there is commitment to bring
the solution to Qatar and the Aspire Academy in September by prominent industry people.

Problem statement:
– As the #1 sports in the world, football doesn’t evolve fast enough with regards to technology;
– Trainings are done too generic, creating “vanilla flavored” players;
– Data usage is only available at pro / senior level players;
– Unidentified talent remain hidden in lower level teams, training in suboptimal surroundings;
– Scouting is done based on emotion and personal preference;
– The six most important parameters in football are not tracked at youth level.

Target customers:
Top 100 pro-clubs and 50 mil talented youth players in the world, with a dream
to become “The next Messi”.

Required Capital:
Pre-seed funding of 300k raised in Q1 2020 (informals).
The company is currently looking to raise 800K in total. 600K is raised in convertibles using crowdfunding for further development after MVP launch.
An additional 200K is required to enable the used sensors IP.

Investment Breakdown:
– 210k is used for software development for new features after go-live.
– 280k is allocated for sales, activation of the top 100 football clubs.
– 110k is used for marketing, rolling out in 10 countries in 2020/2021.
– 200k is allocated to buy/co-create own sensors (including IP) to replace
the current sensors.
Projected next round: Q3 2021 at budgeted MRR: 60K, cash flow neutral.

Revenue Models:
– Clubs: Monthly fee with paid add-ons (sensors, seats, modules);
– Players: Freemium model, monthly 10,- EUR for the required sensor set.

2020 Revenue: 26K, EBITDA: -256K
2021 Revenue: 776K, EBITDA: -6K
2022 Revenue: 4,7M, EBITDA: 2,7M
2023 Revenue: 17,8M,EBITDA: 12,6M

Current Cap table:
Founder: 47%,
Investor 1: 14%
Investor 2: 5%
CTO: 3%
CSO: 3%
Other: 28%
(several informals & personnel)

The CEO has a background as an entrepreneur and has a background in IT at large companies like ABN Amro, RBS and HP.
The development teams is partly based in The Netherlands and partly based in Asia.

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