The final frontier in wind energy data

17 januari 2023

This is an Amsterdam-based wind energy tech startup that solves the problem of inefficiencies in scaling the building, servicing and maintenance of wind turbines.

It is estimated that 170m+ hours were lost in wind energy operations in 2022, the real issue is about data; not capturing and using data correctly.

That’s why we are building a next-generation field service management system to boost performance, streamline operations safely & efficiently, provided a much-needed collaboration portal between all stakeholders and make diagnostic and proactive forecasting with AI, all in the final frontier of wind energy data that has not yet been targeted; the human factors. The system is provided via web app, for desktop, and a native mobile app for iOS & Android.

We have secured 3 flagship pilots for 2023 including the global market leader OEM in offshore wind. We have only just got started. The flagship pilots when we are product ready, but we have begun with data discovery and integration mapping. These pilots are paid at full user prices with the intention to roll out company wide in each partner. 

We own our own IP and have 2 patents in concept regarding 3D reporting for field activities.

Business model:

How do we make money? With a per-user per month SaaS subscription, with 3 packages to choose from. This provides an easy & affordable buy-in for all stakeholders, from low-touch automated subscriptions online to enterprise packages that require a little more integrations.

Why per user? The wind market requires huge numbers of personnel in operations in fast-paced environments. For every €1m spent on wind energy, it creates 3x the amount of jobs as oil & gas, the oil & gas industries have already begun transitioning to wind and wind turbines that produce hydrogen with electrolysis.

Who do we sell to? Initially the Independent Service Providers & Original Equipment Manufacturers of NW Europe, before expanding to energy operators later in 2023 and global sales in USA, LATAM & APAC by the end of 2024.

Customer type / profile:


Preferable investor type:

Angel investor, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity, Adviseur, Strategische investeerder


Regarding competition, currently, we could not find any SaaS engaged in solving the same industry challenges we are.

The closest companies are based around generic ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) systems, for static offshore wind farms. We noticed nothing but ERP business-as-usual with them: Shoreline, Windnova and Systematic are the most prominent. These are similar to factory floor systems aimed at energy operator management.

We are committed to building a system optimized at crucial aspects of onshore and offshore wind energy operations, for Independent Service Providers (ISPs), the ones holding the largest personnel providers by far, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Energy Operators. By using AI-driven data flow, capture & analysis that is used by field workers, management, internal workers, and external companies.

In summary, a single source of truth for all stakeholders to collaborate within. This creates new and detailed data in a unified approach, boosting not only user companies but their suppliers and clients as well. This is a revolution in wind energy operational data.

Capital amount needed:

€797.500,- (The total round is €1.050.000,- but €252.500,- is already committed.)

Investment need:

This pre-seed round supplies the funding for 18 months of runway. This enables us to complete A) The MVP

B) The flagship pilots

C) Enter full commercialization that will act as a springboard for the next larger round.

The funds are used as follows:

  • €800k hiring new staff, primary development of platform & data structures;
  • €50k marketing & promotion;
  • €14k travel costs (sales);
  • €14k accountancy;
  • €12k consultancy;
  • €30k office;
  • €12k insurances;
  • €10k outsourced work;
  • €14k legal;
  • €94k tolerance/buffer.


AI, B2B Software, Bouw & Installatie, Deep Tech, Energy, ICT, Impact, Platform, SaaS



Number of founders:


Current number of employees:


Experience founders:

CEO – 11 years’ experience in tier 1 global wind energy market, specializing in engineering and management of field services, working for ISPs, OEMs & energy operators, created processes used by global OEMs & ISPs.

CTO – 15 years’ experience developing complex web applications, 10 years under their own company, now exited to join this team, making mission-critical enterprise solutions for the military, oil & gas and wind energy.

CRO – 7 years’ experience as a customer relations manager in global banks, 8 years as a proven SaaS sales & business development executive in start-ups, including 2 unicorns.

Monthly turnover (current):


Turnover (forecast) next 12 months:


The first year will be used for completing the MVP and finishing flagship pilots.

Turnover (forecast) months 13 – 24:


Current monthly expenses:


Committed funding:

€252.500,- (From and early phase VC and Angel)

Other relevant information:

The company has bootstrapped untill this funding round.

Sales forecasts:
24-36 months – €1.330.500,-
36-48 months – €5.080.000,-
48-60 months – €11.380.000,-

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