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14 september 2020

TripCell is an online traveller-to-local community with Q&A for local travel tips, knowledge and stories. TripCell gives travellers an access to local authentic contents, helps local hospitality businesses to generate revenue and engages local communities with foreign travellers to enhance social sustainability.

Required Capital:

€ 300k equity investment

Investment break down:

16.7% for administrative and operations.
26.7% for app and web development.
26.7% marketing.
30% HR.

Company phase:

Seed; Early Growth


SaaS; Travel; Tourism

No. of founders:

Currently 2, looking for a CTO.

No. of employees:

No employees at present.
+3 FTEs with the current investment.

Legal structure:

Private limited company (BV) with shared ownership.

Turnover (Historical & Forecast):

2020: 1.4k
2021: 161k
2022: 2.472M

EBITDA (Historical & Forecast):

2020: 66k
2021: 1.105m
2022: 1.477m

Ideal Investor specs:

Repeated investment

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Interesse? wij verbinden je graag

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