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7 september 2020

We have developed, in collaboration with VUmc (Amstel location) and the University of Wageningen, two innovative -subscription-based- sports supplement products (pre and post) for all who focus on improving their sports performance.

Benodigd Kapitaal:



E-Commerce; Food; Health

In welke fase bevindt de organisatie zich?

Seed; Early Growth

Omzet (Historisch & Prognose):

21.558 (2018);
112.073 (2019);
245.257 (2020);
1.917.699,14 (2021);
10.204.474,29 (2022);
43.260.129,51 (2023)



Aantal founders:


Aantal werknemers:


EBITDA (Historisch & Prognose):

7.880,30 (2018);
23.265,79 (2019);
76.629,46 (2020);
1.078.767,34 (2021);
7.481.537,41 (2022);
33.822.330,15 (2023)

The Business

Victus sports logo

We develop innovative sports supplements for the high-end market and do this in collaboration with several renounced organizations. We are currently selling 90% of our products online, and are upscaling sponsorships and other commercial partnerships with parties that reinforce Victus Sports as a brand. We are a lean startup, working towards becoming a lean scale-up within 6 months, and aim to stay a lean “Gazelle” the coming years.

We have no ambition in becoming a cumbersome, unwieldy organization with all production in-house. We tend to work with partners who will be appreciated and valued based on results and outcome. Partnerships that are not profitable will be ended, resulting in a highly effective team of like-minded people.

The Market

● The market is showing consistent growth (10%, 2019 – 2024) in almost all European countries. Expected to continue the following years.
● Italy (+12%), Russia (+21%), Poland (+15%) and the Netherlands (+19%) are the fastest-growing markets in Europe.
● The rise in obesity, an increase in the number of health centres & fitness clubs, the pervasiveness of sports culture, and an increase in the number of non-traditional users foster the growth of the market. The rise in the trend of online retail and growing demand for (semi-) natural products are expected to offer lucrative opportunities for market growth.
● The region was characterized by higher demand from Western European countries such as the UK, France, Germany, and others. ● The market size (EU): 15.12B


● Currently loved and used by thousands of users in NL and BE; NIKE (HQ EMEA) & Athletes; top-performing professional athletes and teams in various segments of the market; members of the Dutch Special Forces (Korps Commandotroepen), numerous sports clubs, several sponsorships.

● The University of Wageningen has conducted a study on the effects of our products in the human body and in relation to their sports performance. Results are very positive.

● Sales are increasing by 12-15% per month for 18 months now. Average ROAS (ROI on advertisement spendings) = 5.09.


The following are either goals or are already in the pipeline.

● Enter the DACH-region in 2020; ● Launching the subscription business within 4 months; ● Full implementation within Dutch Ministry of Defense (Operational Ration Pack)
● Test phase/pilot with JUMBO (Dutch supermarket chain, 21% market share)
● Setting up an innovative and competitive ambassador program

Long term goal: earning our right to exist from being a brand that adds value to the life of sportsmen and woman who take their efforts seriously. And yes, that means being highly profitable.

The Deal:

Investment requirement
Total amount needed € 300.000,00

Investment trenches €100.000,00; €100.000,00; €100.000,00
OR €150.000,00; €150.000,00

Round: SEED
Offer: 5% (equity share) for €300.000,00

Milestones investment trenches:

1. Pre-entering German market & preparations rebranding
2. Implementing subscription business and technical requirements
3. Entering German (i.a.) market & launch rebranding


Exit options:
– share buy back
– share resell
– company acquisition

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